NEWS: THE HAWKINS – Release New Single ‘Stones’

High-flying Swedish rockers in The Hawkins are set to release “Stones” on July 17. “Stones” is the second single from The Hawkins upcoming album “Silence is a Bomb”, out on The Sign Records September 4, 2020. With “Stones”, The Hawkins combines punk energy with addicting hooks and playful yet challenging guitar licks to create a fresh sounding, modern rock song.
The Hawkins will release “Stones” on July 17. 2020. It’s the second single leading up to the band’s second album “Silence is a Bomb”, out September 4 on Vinyl, CD, and digital format. The Hawkins, who was signed to Sony/Gain for their debut release “Ain’t Rock n Roll” (2017), released the single and music video “Roomer” in May this year, and are now set to release a new cut from their upcoming full-length. Johannes Carlsson from the band explains the single “Stones”:
“Stones was one of the first songs to be written for the album. What I am happy about in this song is that the verse starts off on the subdominant parallel, something that I had not done in any of the previous The Hawkins -songs. I am also very happy with the form; essentially this songs foundation consists of verses that are divided into AAAB-form with a prolonged B-part, which makes it difficult to tell whether it is simply verse form or verse-chorus form. I like feeling like my music knows something I don‘t, or that it challenges me. That together with the sprinkles of synced and succinct licks makes it fun and interesting, I think.”
“Stones” will be released as a digital single July 17, 2020.
On September 4, 2020, The Hawkins will release their second album “Silence is a Bomb” on vinyl, CD, and digital format.
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