NEWS: PARADISE – Share 2nd Music Video From Quarantine Series ‘From The Van’

Photo Credit: R.L. Black

Like many musicians and bands around the world, members of Montreal’s heavy stoner rockers Paradise have been separated from one another as a precaution to the Covid 19 pandemic. Not able to see each other to have regular jams along with postponements of performances, the band has adapted to the state of the world and continues to promote their heavy and winding arrangements of corrosive rock with the creation of a new quarantine video series entitled “From The Van”.

For the series, the band has recorded two songs from their latest self-titled album released this past March. Today, the band shares their second video for the track “One of A Kind”.

“All we want to do is play, but we find ourselves just like everyone else, distancing and in confinement, but we did find a loophole and a coincidence that we all own our own vans. So we decided to each record ourselves performing our tunes with multi-camera angles. This is Covid 19 style! We couldn’t do it on stage, couldn’t do it for our fans, so we did it in our vans! Enjoy the quarantine van version of our track ‘One of A Kind’” says vocalist R.L. Black.

Watch and share “One of A Kind” (Quarantine Van Video) below:

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