ALBUM REVIEW: Thundermother – Heat Wave

What if I told you there was a sound heatwave that didn’t make you feel exhausted but exhilarated? This will be coming from Swedish Hard Rock quartet THUNDERMOTHER and they are due to unleash this via their latest album Heat Wave. This will be their fourth studio album they will be releasing. Their statement on their page is this “Be ready, Thundermother will come over you like a sound heat wave! We will sweep you away with our sound energy!” It is more than safe to say that their upcoming record upholds this statement.

The album wastes no time kicking off with Loud And Alive. This opening track lives up to its name and gives us the first taste of what we can expect from the record. This track consists of a bold and exciting melody that give us a great showcase into how talented THUNDERMOTHER’s musicians are.

Filippa Nässil’s slick guitar work is second to none. Guernica Mancini’s bluesy vocals will see her as Sweden’s answer to HALESTORM’s Lzzy Hale. Majsan Lindberg’s pounding bass-lines and Emlee Johansson’s no-nonsense drum work completes this solid line up.

This outstanding talent stays consistent throughout the record as their different sounds work together harmoniously to create a strong array of content. Below are a few examples of what THUNDERMOTHER are capable of.

One of the first things I notice about Dog From Hell is the stellar song writing. From what I understand, it looks into falling blindly in love with someone who isn’t right for you and coming out the other side. The melody of the song is empowering and makes you want to fist pump in the air. 

Back In ’76 is easily one of my personal favourite tracks on the album. The powerful drums and raspy vocals chanting “Hey girls, get your kicks. Join the train of ‘76” grabbed my attention instantly. I have no doubt this track will go down well at live shows.

Get ready for sore necks and prepare for the mosh pits to break out when Into The Mud is played live. This fast-paced track will make you want to rock out anywhere you happen to be. I found myself rapidly head banging every time this song comes around. Majsan’s bass solo keeps the energy flowing and Filippa’s mind-blowing guitar solo will be every air guitarist’s new favourite.

Sleep was the second single released to promote this record and is another personal favourite of mine on the album. Guernica’s stunning vocals really stand out here. During the softer parts of the song, they are delicate and you can sense vulnerability. They are full of passion when the volume cranks up and you can feel the pain she feels. The song itself is beautifully written. From what I understand, the lyrics look into about how it is to break up with someone. Examples that reinforce this interpretation are as follows: “I’ve been through a billion things that made me grow” and “I can’t sleep, sleep by your side”.

Purple Sky allows you to full immerse and let the music capture you. It is is reminiscent of sixties rock such as Jimi Hendrix and LED ZEPPELIN whilst giving it a modern twist. There are some funky sounding guitar riffs and there is a sense of feeling free when listening to this track.

It ends on Bad Habits. The song is fantastically written and it’s one you ought to listen to carefully (when you aren’t rocking out to the amazing riffs). It gives us one last high explosive blast of the band’s outstanding talent before coming to a close. It leaves you hankering for more.

Heat Wave is an impeccable album filled with incredible guitar solos, fierce vocals, brilliant bass lines and thunderous drums. THUNDERMOTHER are not to be messed with and Heat Wave is solid proof of this.

Warning:  Sore necks from head banging and the sudden urge to rock out is to be expected when listening to this record.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Heat Wave will be unleashed on Friday via AFM Records.

Find THUNDERMOTHER on Facebook.

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