Two weeks are up, which means the latest edition of the playlist is now available.

There have been a fair few releases within these two weeks. Pale Blue Moon, Guns For Girls, Warkings and Thundermother have all released albums so songs from those are on the list.

There have also been a great number of singles either to promote albums that have just been released, to give us a taste on what’s to come on upcoming albums or stand alone singles. These come from Bleed Again, Empyre, Orden Ogan, Awake By Design, Vanishing Point, Ayreon, From Ashes To New, Primal Fear, UDO and Onslaught.

There are birthdays in camp Cradle Of Filth and Slash himself so there is a song by each of them on the list. Korpiklanni have launched a new vodka so you can guess what song of theirs is on this edition of the list. Avantasia celebrate an anniversary of their album Metal Opera. Dakesis have announced a special live stream for their album Fractures so a song from that album is on the list.

Three years ago, Chester Bennington sadly lost his life to mental illness. To honour this, there is a classic Linkin’ Park song on the list.

That’s it for this edition. See you on the next one.



Leaves’ Eyes – Chain Of The Golden Horn
Nightmare – Divine Nemesis
Chthonic – Takao
Saxon – And The Bands Played On
Amon Amarth – Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags
Diamond Head – It’s Electric
Visions Of Atlantis – Release My Symphony (Live)
Amaranthe – Archangel
Korpiklaani – Sudenmorsian
Iron Mask – Tree Of The World
South Of Salem – Made To Be Mine
T.Rex – Ride A White Swan
Burning Witches – The Circle Of Five
The Dark – Hollywood Grindhouse
HammerFall – Keep The Flame Burning (Live)
Pyramaze – World Foregone
Hirax – Bombs Of Death
Kataklysm – Focused To Destroy You
Fintroll – Mask
Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower

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