On Monday, I come back after taking a couple of weeks from the website. It has been a great time to recharge the batteries and take a step back to properly look at the site. My coming back gift to you is the latest edition of the Rock Out Stand Out Playlist.

These two weeks have given us some exciting releases and there are some excellent classics too.

There have been album and EP releases Lord Of The Lost, Awake By Design, Grimgotts, Kamelot and Awake By Design. Single releases come from Gojira, The Unguided, Vanishing Point, Veonity, HammerFall, Leaves’ Eyes Equilibrium, Nachtblut, Primal Fear and Feuerschwanz.

Halestorm celebrate the release of their new EP Reimagined and their twentieth anniversary of the band forming. Just in time for this celebration, there is a stunning single with Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee.

Amaranthe are due to release their new album Manifest in the next couple of months, they have released a single with Battle Beast vocalist Noora Louhimo. This song is on the playlist too.

There were birthdays is camp Cellar Darling, Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden so there are classics from each of these bands on this playlist.

Alter Bridge celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of their debut album One Day Remains, so a song from that album is on the list.

That’s it from me, see you on the next playlist.

Rock Out Stand Out Playlist – 15.08.2020


Orden Ogan – Inferno
Dragony – Darkness Within
Bloodbound – When Fate Is Calling
Brothers Of Metal – Chain Breaker
Therion – Nocturnal Light
Voodoo Circle – Locked & Loaded
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
HammerFall – Last Man Standing
Cellar Darling – DANCE
Rob Zombie – Superbeast
Bonfire – Love Don’t Lie (Almost Unplugged)
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos
Metalite – A Virtual World
Epica – Rivers
Dread Sovereign – Nature Is The Devil’s Church
Tarot – I Walk Forever
Accept – Zombie Apocalypse
Black Light Discipline – Not The Way
Storm Seeker feat. Mr Hurley & Die Pulveraffen – Deathwatch Beetle Party

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