EP REVIEW: Koncordia – Diamond Heart

What if I told you there was a sound that reminded you of retro video games and that made you want to move your feet? That piqued your curiosity didn’t it. I am talking about a brand-new Synth Rock duo that go under the name of KONCORDIA, they are due to release their debut EP Diamond Heart that is sure to entice lovers of this genre. KONCORDIA’s story started in Worthing, UK and they help to keep up South Of England Coast’s sterling reputation for upcoming bands.

It starts of with the title track. In the first opening notes, SOFT CELL and Stranger Things come to mind. It is able to showcase a dance vibe that is somehow action packed and makes you feel you want to go save the world. It’s an interesting vibe that I am hooked to. Another thing to note about the track is the solid song writing. Usually, it takes a few listens or when you get a copy of the album with the booklet to figure our what the lyrics are. In this track they stand out well.

Like the previous track, the song writing in Control is excellent. Judging from lyrics such as “Why did you always start playing with me? Always messing with my self-esteem” and “Why must you must always blank what I see? Distorting my perception of reality”, from these lyrics, I wonder if the song talks about being emotionally manipulated by someone. If so, this song is extremely clever in how it portrays this subject. The first part looks at being in that situation; examples being the lyrics as explained above along with the minor synth tones displaying these feelings of confusion and upset. The second part of the song represents escaping this controlling relationship and that you have control. The major tones, the uplifting rolling synth melody and the empowering lyrics showcase this. I have first hand experience on being on the receiving end of emotional manipulation so the lyrics in this song hit the nail on the head.

Daylight has a rockier start; I mean that musically by the way. This track is full of nostalgia, it reminds me of the sort of music I first listened to when getting into rock and metal music. The band HADOUKEN! come to mind when listening to this. It is most likely due to the similar sounding synth melodies, not too similar that you can’t tell them apart but you can tell where the influences lie.

Don’t be fooled by the sombre sounds at the beginning of You Give Me Wings, this is actually an uplifting song. The low tones and Sci-Fi-esque melodies on the synth give off a post-apocalyptic vibe, I am reminded of being in that wasteland and wondering if anyone else has survived. In that situation, you are going to need some words of encouragement and that’s exactly what the songs lyrics do. Lyrics such as “You give me wings when I start to fall” and “Together we will make it out” demonstrate what I mean by this.

It ends on the track Narrowly Missed. Most album and EP closers often conclude the record nicely yet leaves you hankering for more. This ends on what I can describe as a cliff hanger, you know it’s the last chapter logically but it doesn’t feel like it should end here. It leaves you hankering for more chapters.

Diamond Heart is a strong debut EP, one that will certainly open doors for this duo. It can be risky when bringing back old sounds to the present. I am certain however that KONCORDIA’s sound will be welcomed with open arms from fans of synth rock and music lovers alike. I only hope a full album is in the works.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Diamond Heart will be released tomorrow.

Find KONCORDIA on Facebook.

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