NEWS: THE BLOODY HELL – Pay Homage To Classic Horror Films With New Music Video ‘Last Word’

Photo Credit: Ian Kean

Halifax punk rockers The Bloody Hell are sharing with fans, especially horror lovers, their latest music video “Last Word”. The video is homage to the great horror films of the 80s and 90s, particularly the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. The song itself is probably the most aggressive track off of the band’s 2018 self-titled album with a punchy in your face intro before breaking into a driving blues scale rhythm and punk rock temp. The vocals come in fast with a dominant hook relaying the theme of the song “I’ll get the last word yet”.

The band adds about the video:

“We filmed this music video at the wildly popular Riverbreeze Fear Farm located in Truro, NS, which is a rural family farm that is transformed into an amazing series of haunted houses and corn maze every October. We thought it was the perfect setting for this video so we reached out to the owners and to our delight, they loved the idea. They put so much detail and effort into the esthetic and atmosphere of a truly frightening, yet fun experience, and I feel we did a good job of capturing that vibe on this video while giving a nod to the horror classic of our childhood.” 

Watch “Last Word” below:

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