NEWS: IRON MASK – New Video & Single ‘Tree Of The World’ Is Out Now

IRON MASK‘s new video & single ‘Tree Of The World‘ is out now, the first track taken from their seventh album ‘Master Of Masters‘, out 4th December on AFM Records.

The first taste from the new Iron Mask album sees the band return with a real crowd-pleaser. ‘Tree Of The World’ has slight celtic influences, galloping drums and a jaw-dropping solo courtesey of the guitar wizard and main man Dushan Petrossi. A true Metal Anthem!
There’s not only Odin when it comes to mythology and pagans gods, there’s also Svarog, God of gods and all slavic people. The world tree carries the earth, hell and heaven and is their old symbol.

IRON MASK, the power metal masters from Belgium are back after a 4 year break with a neo-classical power metal and most original new album ‘Master of Masters’.

Check out the video below:

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