NEWS: RITES TO RUIN – Debut Full Length Performance With A Free Facebook Livestream

Rites To Ruin (featuring former Triaxis members Krissie Kirby and Matt Chambers along with former members of In The Absence Of Light, Burn Thy Enemy and Shadows Of Serenity) have announced that their first full length performance will be streamed on Facebook on Friday 9th October 2020 at 8pm UK time. Filmed at CapsaArx studios, the show will be the very first time the band perform a full set together publically.

Rites To Ruin are a British Heavy Metal band who have created a traditional metal sound with a modern twist, melding together influences from across all sub-genres of Metal, Hard Rock and even a dash of Soul. They were set to launch their first live show back in April 2020, but due to current global events this was postponed. With Vocalist Krissie Kirby returning from a break in her musical career, they shared a taste of their brand new music during their short debut performance at Virtual Power Metal Quest Fest on the 26th September and received high praise from fans of the festival. 

The band released a statement saying “We were absolutely blown away by the response we had from the exclusive set we recorded for Virtual Quest-Fest, we could not have asked for a better reception, and now we are excited to be able to bring everyone a full length set. The folks at CapsaArx were incredible at hosting us to be able to make this stream possible and we cannot thank them enough. We are excited to finally be sharing our music with everyone.”

Vocalist Krissie also states “On a personal note, it’s not the return to performing I had envisioned but circumstances are what they are. It was quite emotional reading people’s responses to our small set and it is very good to be back.”

You can RSVP to the official event to be notified of when the performance goes live here:

To support the band, you can donate to their link on the day here;

Official band merch can also be purchased here:

Find RITES TO RUIN on Facebook.

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