EP REVIEW: Take Breath – The Hell In All I Held Too Close

I always commend bands for releasing brand new material in the month that is usually saturated with WHAM and Mariah Carey. Last year it was TRIBE OF GHOSTS with their debut EP 1, this year it’s TAKE BREATH with The Hell In All I Held Too Close. Given the year we have all had to endure, this debut could not have come at a better time. It also shows that the band name TAKE BREATH is more than apt here, their music takes your breath away.

The EP starts with Sleep. Within the first few notes, I was already thinking that this track name is apt through the dreamy atmosphere created by Fynn Gillions’ soft guitar riff and his far-off voice. Given I had heard another song of theirs before this one, I was somewhat confused when I didn’t hear screams or brutal distortion, George Andrews comes in with those came in later on through his piercing screams. From the start, it shows us TAKE BREATH’s two contrasting sides coming together to create a truly brilliant sound. This mix of two different moods portrays the message of loosing a loved one so perfectly, something we have all had happen to us at one point so many people will relate to lyrics such as “sleep won’t bring me peace, I still feel you as I dream”.

Exhume Me was the first track I heard by them and it’s the second track on the EP. There is more energy and aggression in this song. It is also great at showing the vulnerable side to the band with the slower pace, clean vocals and softer riffs we heard before. I can imagine how chaotic their live shows will be when they perform this song. Beneath the distortion and screaming, there are poignant lyrics about a failing relationship such as “now this heart that once so boldly adorned my sleeve, just drags behind me on a tattered leash”. Both contrasting sides of this band’s sound work impeccably well to present this topic.

BIFFY CLYRO come to mind when I first hear the opening notes of Heather Fields. The stunning piano melody and powerful voice work at the beginning create uplifting tones that give the listener hope and empowerment. The next half of the song is brutal and aggressive, again showing the contrasting sides working together. This is one of the most interesting songs I have listened to, it’s two different melody styles that I didn’t think I would hear together yet TAKE BREATH make it work. I can see this track being a future anthem for festivals and arena shows

It ends on a stunning note with Live Without, this song is interesting in the fact it describes the relationship with faith and religion, directly addressing God. Within the lyrics such as “where were you on the longest nights?” and “I’ve buried it all so deep”, you can anger and desperation as God is being asked these questions.

The Hell In All I Held Too Close isn’t just your ordinary EP, it is a work of art. It contains poetic lyrics, stunning vocals, poignant riffs and pounding rhythms that are displayed through the band’s impeccable talent. TAKE BREATH have let us know they are not to be messed with and this solid debut EP is concrete proof of this.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Hell In All I Held Too Close is out now.

Find TAKE BREATH on Facebook.

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