ALBUM REVIEW: Red Cain – Kindred: Act II

One of things I am going to try this year is listen to more new bands and dive into the unknown as I tended to play it safe last year. Well given what went on, sticking to what’s familiar seemed like the safe option.

RED CAIN seemed like a good place to start this new trip into the unknown, my interest was piqued was I saw recommended for fans of KAMELOT, AMARANTHE, POWERWOLF and SYMPHONY X. After listening to their latest record Kindred: Act II, I will certainly be keeping my ears out for them a lot more.

The album doesn’t mess around, it gets straight to the point as it packs a punch with opening track Kindred. When listening to this, the powerful synthesizers remind me of AMARANTHE and the in-depth vocal work makes me think of KAMELOT. It’s only the first track and I am already intrigued. The melody is complex to follow but it’s memorable and catchy at the same time.

I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this album. From the first few songs, I thought I did until it took an unexpected turn. One that I didn’t actually see coming, it just goes to show you never know what can be around the corner. I wonder if this was to make sure the listener was still engaged with the album, if so it works. It’s best to stay on the ball when listening to this.

Baltic Fleet was one of these unexpected turns. This track would be handy when you’re trying to explain to someone what organised chaos is. It seems all over the place yet it flows seamlessly and all the components fit together. In this track, you get a taste of Evgeniy Zayarny’s versatile vocal range, he uses two techniques against different lyrics and this works. The harsher vocal technique is fantastic at showing anger behind lyrics such as “Set the gunpowder and tungsten alight, And we will bring you down”. The softer vocals representing unity as the lyrics tell us “We Are soldiers of Baltic Fleet, And we sail to defeat”.

Another track that caught my attention was Precipice Of Man. At the beginning of the track, EVERGREY come to mind; I think it’s due to that soaring sound that takes you to a far off land. The abrupt change to brutal arrangements catches you off guard if you are not used to RED CAIN’s sound. It’s a further example of why you need to be on the ball and vigilant when listening.

RED CAIN keep us on our toes right down to the final track Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire). There is a mixture of all sorts going on but again, it flows together seamlessly. It’s complex yet memorable. I knew logically this was the last track of the album but I feel this story is not over yet. Will there be Act III to follow in the next year or so? Who knows, I personally hope there is.

Kindred:  Act II was a great introduction to RED CAIN and their sound. From listening to this, it’s easy to see why they have been nominated for awards. I look forward to see how their sound grows and develops from now.  

Rating: 7/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Kindred: Act II is out now.

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