What a fortnight! This means it is time for the latest edition of the Rock Out Stand Out Playlist.

First of all, we have a classic KISS track from their Animalize album to honour what would have been the birthday of Mark St. John who would have turned 65 on the 7th February.

There has also been two birthdays in the Visions Of Atlantis camp (Vocalist Clémentine Delauney and guitarist Christian “Dushi” Douscha), birthday celebrations to Hammerfall’s Joacim Cans also and a birthday in Eden’s Curse too (Keyboardist Chrism), so we have featured songs from these bands.

There has been the 30th anniversaries of Manic Street Preachers debut album “Generation Terrorists” and Queens Innuendo.

Also speaking of anniversaries; Ozzy Osbourne’s The Ultimate Sin turns 35 as did King Diamond’s Fatal Portrait. Iron Maiden’s Killers turned 40 alongside Judas Priest’s Point of Entry. Sepultura’s Roots album turned 20 this month too. We have included songs from each of these monumental releases.

Breed77 have recently announced that they have also reformed and have released an acoustic version of “A Matter of Time” from their album Cultura. We have included the original version in this playlist.

Furthermore, there have been several new releases, singles, and music videos from bands such as Forlorn Hope, ssSHhh, Vengeant and Dendera amongst others.

And of course, for all you romantics out there. Horror obsessed metalcore maniacs ICE NINE KILLS released a cover of a famous Elvis Presley track just in time for Valentine’s Day. See what you think of this haunting and chilling take on the classic.

That is it for this list. Take care, stay safe and see you on the next one.


KISS – Heaven’s On Fire
Ice Nine Kills – Can’t Help Falling In Love
Forlorn Hope – To The Bitter End
Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness
Dendera – The Void
Breed77 – A Matter Of Time
Eden’s Curse feat. Pamela Moore – Angels & Demons
Judas Priest – Hot Rockin’
ssSHhh – Blood Of A Virgin
Sirenia – Voyage Voyage
Vengeant – Angel’s Battle Cry
Ozzy Osbourne – Shot In The Dark
King Diamond – The Candle
Neonfly feat. Dani Divine – Venus
Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
Feuerschwanz – Schubsetanz (Black Metal Version)
Iron Maiden – Killers
HammerFall – Hearts On Fire
Visions Of Atlantis – Return To Lemuria (Live)
Queen – The Show Must Go On

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