Another month has passed which must mean our team members are ready to share their choices for album of the month. Take a look and see what they picked.

Lotty: Crystal Viper – The Cult

I had the pleasure of reviewing CRYSTAL VIPER’s previous record Tales Of Fire And Ice a couple of years ago. I was taken by their ballsy, no-nonsense heavy metal sounds and when I heard they had released their latest record The Cult, I went to check it out. I have listened to this several times now and I have three words: Sign me up. After hearing this record, you will want to join me and this cult of powerful melodies consisting of prevailing vocals, fingerblistering guitar work, pounding basslines and thunderous drums. My personal favourites on the album include the title track, Sleeping Giants, Asenath Waite, The Calling, Forgotten Land and Whispers From Beyond. I can’t wait for the day they bring back live shows, I can imagine these songs live will be fantastic. The Cult is a heavy metal masterpiece that requires your undivided attention.

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Jacob: Wayfarer – World’s Blood

I had a real problem picking a single release for my album of the month. It ultimately ended as a three way tie between; an album I’ve been listening to for a single so repeatedly, an album that I’ve not listened to much this year but has been constantly floating around in my head all month, and an album that I reviewed last month.

I’m going with the second option.

World’s Blood by WAYFARER is a magical release. The band’s purpose is to reflect the American West in their folk infused black metal. The song Animal Crown describes the savagery of life and On Horseback They Carried Thunder captures an epic mood that so many westerns have tried to emulate and come up short.

I was spellbound the first time I heard it in 2018, and I’m still ensnared today.

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Martin: Papa Roach – LoveHateTragedy

The second major album release (third overall) by PAPA ROACH marked the start of distancing away
from the rapping utilised by singer Jacoby Shaddix on their previous material. Laying down the
foundations towards how the band have developed over the years and now sounds today. There are
plenty of awesome tracks throughout the album with touches of punk-like vibes, alternative metal
and of course Nu-Metal. There is of course, some memorable anthems, that still heavily feature
within the band’s repertoire in their live shows to this day.

She Loves Me Not was the first track I heard and then bought as a single, but if I had to pick one
track that totally stands out for me it was the second single Time And Time Again. This is one track
that I personally related to throughout my time at school when I was bullied for being different to
the norm (“Emotional swords slash my soul, And now the pain, takes control” “It’s like a fight every
single day, it’s always easy when you have it your way”
). I subsequently learnt to play along to this
on my bass guitar and we regularly played this at band practices back in the day too,

Nu-metal still seems to get some flack today but for some like myself it was a gateway into the world
of heavy metal overall. Suffice to say, it is still an album I can go back to Time and Time Again (no
pun intended!)

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Steph: Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

In these times of trial and loneliness, I have gone back to an old favourite. This is the first metal
album I ever received and listening to it again is like coming home to a nice hot bath. Released in
1970, this iconic album is still a popular choice for many rockers, old and new. This album is classed
as heavy metal, however, I enjoy the soothing combination of Ozzy Osborne’s unique voice and
instrumental sound play that makes the tension just leave my body. Please take the time to
reconnect to the music you have loved over the years.

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Stefan: Sabaton – The Great War

With it now being a whole year ago that I last saw live music, I’ve been mainly listening to the incredible Scandinavian trio of SABATON, APOCALYPTICA and AMARANTHE. These were among the very last bands that I had the pleasure of seeing live.

In the spirit of The Great Tour of these three bands, I’ve gone with SABATON and their war fuelled Power Metal album The Great War this month. This album brilliantly tells the stories of several world-renowned tide changing battles throughout history, through the art of music that SABATON is well known for. With Joakim Brodén and his iconic vocals at the helm of the well-established Swedish quintet, The Great War awesomely delves into the historic tales of Lawrence Of Arabia (Seven Pillars Of Wisdom) and Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron).

There are plenty of now crowd favourites held within this album too, with The Battle Of Passchendaele being explored for Great War and the Defence Of Osowiec Fortress told through The Attack Of The Dead Men. The song that stands out the most for me (both album and live) however is the bombast and energy driven 82nd All The Way, based on Alvin York. SABATON’s tour partners AMARANTHE made an amazing cover of this song specifically for the tour. They would go on to perform this song alongside SABATON for the tour finale in Oslo, Norway. Speaking from experience of seeing these three bands at a sold out Wembley Arena, this was an incredible Great Tour to be thrust into experiencing the non-stop firepower of The Great War live!!

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What albums have made your month? Let us know in the comments. See you on the next Album Of The Month post.


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