In the words of BON JOVI ‘woah, we’re halfway there’ and that is the theme of this edition of the playlist. Editors Lotty, Martin and Jacob put their brains together and selected songs from albums that have made their year so far. They also agreed on the last five songs together.

Jacob’s album choices included LAKE OF TEARS Ominous, GOLGOTHA Remembering The Past: Writing The Future, SOEN Imperial, GOJIRA Fortitude and EXANIMIS Marionettiste. He has reviewed some of these releases which can read on the website.

You can read Jacob’s reviews on LAKE OF TEARS, GOLGOTHA, SOEN and EXANIMIS by clicking the band names.

Martin has chosen AVALAND Theatre Of Sorcery, PAPA ROACH Greatest Hits Vol. 2 The Better Noise Years, KISS Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001, THERION Leviathan and ICE NINE KILLS single Can’t Help Falling In Love. He has reviewed some of these releases which can read on the website.

You can read Martin’s reviews on AVALAND and PAPA ROACH by clicking the band names. Stay tuned for his review on KISS. You can also read Lotty’s review of THERION’s Leviathan by clicking here.

Lotty picked WINTERAGE The Inheritance Of Beauty, DARTAGNAN Feuer & Flamme, DRAGONY Viribus Unitis, ORDEN OGAN Final Days and CRYSTAL VIPER The Cult. She included some of these in her album of the month posts and reviewed one of them.

You can read more about DRAGONY, ORDEN OGAN, WINTERAGE and CRYSTAL VIPER by clicking the band names.

Shared choices include a song from EPICA’s Omega and THE PICTUREBOOKS latest single featuring Lzzy Hale. Songs from EDEN’S CURSE, BREED77 and MUDVAYNE are on the list to celebrate their band reunions.

What songs and albums have made your year so far? Let us know in the comments.


Lake Of Tears – In Wait And In Worries
Avaland – I’ll Be Ready For Your Love
Winterage – The Mutineers
Epica – Omega: Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres
Golgotha – Don’t Waster Your Life
Papa Roach – Burn
dArtagnan feat. Patty Gurdy – Farewell
Breed77 – La Ultima Hora
Soen – Antagonist
KISS – Heaven’s On Fire (Live)
Dragony – Love You To Death
Mudvayne – Dig
Gojira – Amazonia
Therion – Psalm Of Retribution
Orden Ogan feat. Gus G – Interstellar
The Picturebooks feat. Lzzy Hale – Rebel
Exanimis – Cathedral
Ice Nine Kills – Can’t Help Falling In Love
Crystal Viper – Whispers From Beyond
Eden’s Curse – Eden’s Curse

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