ALBUM REVIEW: Marco Garau’s Magic Opera – The Golden Pentacle

Are you looking for a new quest to partake in? Well look no further. MARCO GARAU’S MAGIC OPERA have released great one. Their first adventure is The Golden Pentacle, understandably fans and critics alike are rejoicing at this quest.

The Golden Pentacle is an epic tale that takes place in a far away land in the reign of Amtork. Everything was fine apart from an ongoing feud between two powerful wizards. One of the wizards, Lord Kama, was a loyal friend to the land’s ruler King Leiber. Whereas the other wizard, Sir Dohron, had an evil soul and was living in the shadow. He spent his time conspiring and planning something to get the control of the reign bringing suffering and slavery everywhere. To succeed in it he was searching for a very ancient and powerful magic item. This was a Golden Pentacle that has an incredible outstanding power. Anybody who gets their hands on it will become almost invincible. Will Lord Kama be able to find the Pentacle and keep Dohron away from it?

The title track starts things off. From the word go, you are already lured into a story. You feel a sense of empowerment when you hear the lyrics “and now the time has come”.

What I like about this album is that when I think I know what’s coming, I am taken off guard a bit. Not so much that I am blown away yet not too little where I feel underwhelmed. The album gets the balance between these two perfectly and my interest stayed piqued throughout the record. That’s the sign you’re experiencing a great story, you don’t know what comes around the corner yet there isn’t too much going on where you have trouble keeping track. Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

MAJESTICA’s Ghost Of Christmas To Come came to mind when listening to Keepers Of The Night. It’s down to the sinister yet whimsical tones the song gives off. I am also reminded of mischievous thieves planning to trap the main quest party or a type of fantasy creature that comes out at night. From the tones of the music, you don’t know whether these creatures are going to help you or hinder you. This is a great thing and it adds to the track’s charm.

I did wonder why Never Ending Pain sounded so happy and upbeat at first considering what the track is called. I wonder if this was intended for a false sense of security, if it was it works. Vocalist Anton Darusso does something interesting with his vocal technique that makes it sound like he is pain and this works.

With a track name like Fight For The Victory, of course there was going to be a galloping beat to kick this off with alongside a heroic guitar riff. Not that I’m complaining, this combination works for me. I was hooked to this track’s great melody, it pulls you into battle with the characters of the tale whether you like it or not.

The first thing that attracted me to The Other Side was the passion and determination it contained. From what I understand, the lyrics depict how Lord Kama will protect the good citizens and quest party members from Sir Dohron’s tyrant plans. I felt a surge of power when I heard the line “in the dark of night, I’ll protect my people from the other side”. This will be a new Power Metal ballad that will be rejoiced and welcomed with rock horns held high.

The quest ends on a gallant note with Until The End Of Time. The band keep us on our toes right until the end with many unexpected twists and turns.

If BLIND GUARDIAN, AVANTASIA and SERENITY somehow conceived a Power Symphonic metal love child, MARCO GARAU’S MAGIC OPERA would be it. They are future Power Symphonic icons in the making and this album is solid proof.

Rating:  9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Golden Pentacle is out now.


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