Another month has gone by and it’s now time for some of out team members to reveal what albums have made their month. Let’s find out.

Jacob: Riverside – Shrine Of New Generation Slaves

Shrine Of New Generation Slaves by RIVERSIDE is, what I think the cool kids call, a mood.

Haunting sad vocals that penetrate the silence and resonate with some truly dark and low moments. From the feeling of a relationship that’s failing to the feeling of denial, both of happiness and sadness.

The album gently spirals lower and lower but holds your hand as you go.

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Lotty: Orden Ogan – Final Days

From the moment I pressed play on this record, I knew instantly that ORDEN OGAN’s latest instalment Final Days was going to be my album of the month. One of the main things that drew me to ORDEN OGAN was their flawless vocal harmonies, I feel that boost of power and might whenever I hear these. Final Days is no exception, there are belters on here that will make great festival/arena anthems. It’s hard to pick personal favourites here as each track is fantastic. If you like what you hear in the singles released, including the one below, I recommend checking the album out.

You can read my review of the album by clicking here.

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Martin: Ghosts Of Atlantis –

This is the debut album from the Witch County’s GHOSTS OF ATLANTIS.

It beautifully manages to bend and break subgenres throughout, capturing the history of Ancient Greece and the mythology surrounding Atlantis. It was a delight to be able to review this phenomenal masterpiece of a debut and has warranted multiple playthroughs already.

You can read my review of the album clicking here.

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Steph: Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way

Choosing this month’s album of the month was hard. Having been stuck at home this month, I have been rediscovering my CD collection (old school but do love physical copies). As such there are so many options. However, one of the main albums I keep going back to is By The Way. This has the joy of being both chilling and uplifting. The music in this album hit notes that sooths the soul but with a beat and bass line that can pick you up and galvanise you in to actual doing your goals. It’s like putting on a comfy jumper to do the spring clean of your house.


That’s if for this month, what album made your month? Let us know in the comments.

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