ALBUM REVIEW: Orden Ogan – Final Days

Over the years, ORDEN OGAN have created imaginative worlds and have taken on intriguing characters to match their empowering sounds. They have been post-apocalyptic ice warriors for To The End, cowboys for Gunman and sung tales about monasteries in Ravenhead. They are now conquering space with their upcoming release Final Days. Like their previous records, this album can make any medial tasks seem like an epic quest.

Heart Of The Android, In The Dawn Of The AI, Inferno and Let The Fire Rain are all singles they have released, these are the first few tracks you hear. If you have listened to those already, you already know that each of these contain a huge amount of power and might. It’s a huge cliché to say the opening tracks give us a taste on what’s to come but in the case of Final Days, this is an accurate statement. After these singles, the rest of the album is powerful and majestic. Below are just a few examples of what the album offers.

Interstellar is easily one of my personal favourite tracks on the album and I shall explain why. From start to finish I was captivated by the huge sounds. One of the things that drew me to ORDEN OGAN was the flawless harmonies within the voices and they are at their best here, especially during the chorus where I had the urge to grab the air each time. I should also give shout out to special guest guitarist Gus G who doesn’t disappoint with a finger blistering solo that will be a joy for any budding air guitarists out there.

Alone In The Dark gives us a break from the energy inducing tracks before it. It’s a profound ballad that is well written lyrically and musically. The duet between Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann and BROTHERS OF METAL vocalist Ylva Eriksson is fantastic, the contrast between Seeb’s powerful voice and Ylva’s fragile vocal technique works really well here. I actually felt grounded when listening to this.

Hollow is a typical ORDEN OGAN track with a modern, sci-fi twist. Long time fans of the band may notice the likeness to previous tracks; Ravenhead comes to mind when I hear the pumping guitar riffs and I am reminded of To The End in the powerful chorus. Not a bad thing at all as these are two of my personal favourite songs. This shows that when trying new things with their sound, they stick to their musical core and that’s a great thing.

It Is Over, a great name for a closing track on an album. The music arrangements and lyrics portray this across so well. This would not be out of place in a film; I can imagine the final struggles and battles our characters face as this music plays. You can hear the desperation and sorrow within the vocals, you can hear the battle being fought within the pumping guitar work. The final radio broadcast announcing the end of the world is haunting, it grabs your attention. It can be related to what’s going on now and it’s a fantastic touch to this track. This is one of the best closing tracks I have heard, it’s a powerful ending that leaves you stunned.

ORDEN OGAN have a reputation for producing outstanding records and Final Days is no exception. Long time fans and new listeners alike will rejoice at the blistering solos, flawless vocal work and the empowerment that comes from experiencing the grand sounds. Your undivided attention and the biggest speakers at maximum volume are mandatory for experiencing this masterpiece.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Final Days will be released 12th March 2021 via AFM Records.

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