ALBUM REVIEW: Trope – Eleutheromania

With Eleutheromania, its title tells a story to all of us. It depicts to us not to give up on our irresistible want and need for freedom which now more than ever is important to all of us at such a crucial time of its release. However, to all of us this means a unique and personal meaning to every individual and to the artists themselves. As I listened to each track, I believe that every song had an unexpected yet staying true to classic rock with undertones creating a perfect musical style that worked to complete the lyrical accompaniment. Each lyric and title is incredible and sends a variety of meaning through each masterpiece. Although with each song, I believe it also has an opening for our own interpretation. Therefore, allowing the song to have a tie to our own lives making it capable to have that alternative transition from lyrical artwork to a relatable, compatible and understanding connection.

Including the facts that their music not only reached out to metal and rock veterans yet can also relate to the modern listener. They allow the ability to reach up and grab the microphone on upcoming gigs, performing by request along-side more upcoming and well-known artists in the alternative genre. This was after their performance of being a main staged artist at Summerfest for two consecutive years. Not to mention that they have played in other globally renowned venues with offers of a European tour and gaining a well-earned place alongside other household metal, rock and alternative artists in 2019.

Their album includes original pieces but also the covers of TEARS FOR FEARS rock classics, which adds a fresh twist to well-known lyrical abilities of Diana Studenberg and musical works of heavy guitars with concise precision with the defined percussion to complement the musical melodies. With the inputs and assistance of Mike Fraser, David Bottrill and Ted Jensen who allowed us to be able to have this album we are all eager to have since the band forming in 2016. This long, suspenseful, agonising wait is finally drawing to an end for all of the fans looking on in awe of the talent that they all posses but also the masterful creativity they have bestowed upon us in rocking audio genius which all the time and work and authenticity they put in paid off to produce us with this originality.

As with the original songs, I believe that with all their unique lyrical class and mastery, I can only imagine it can come from an eclectic background and inspirational points of view, styles, ideals and musical tastes. It’s as if the artists found all their love for the melodies, musical elements and placed them together and created this wonderful ideology of alternative rock. The components all fix together in such a pattern that unknowingly works in patented function to operate and perform as it does with ease and clarity. I know this album for all artist’s is a big step placing your name out there for anyone and everyone to own a little piece of modern 1990’s heaven and deserve to have the recognition they are owed and this album along with their performances have proven that.

I leave here with one last question. When is the next album coming?

Rating: 8/10

Words: Zoe Stone

Eleutheromania is out now.

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