BAND PROFILE: Cauda Pavonis

CAUDA PAVONIS were formed in 1998 and identify themselves as a deathrock band but their style is not just limited to this one definition. The overall theme of their music tends to be a gothic delight but with other inspiration thrown in. I first found this band through the song Carnival Noir, a beautiful gothic and dark piece about joining others and finding where you belong (a favourite theme of mine) and the video of this track is an amazing collection of fashion statements and marginalised groups.

Not that getting people together is all that CAUDA PAVONIS sing about. Their songs range from the story of Terror In The Nursery to Peace Through Superior Firepower. They also managed to create a love song that is raised above the mundane and looks into that place where we cannot help to love even when we should in their song Love Like Broken Glass. These songs and the many others they have written over their career show an understanding of the darker side of the human psyche but also celebrates what makes us human.

The band is made up for four members. On lead vocals with a deep but enchanting voice is Su Wainwright, with Dave Wainwright on backing vocals and drums. The vocal quality of these two performers allows for a sound that has a rich depth that I have rarely heard, allowing them to create a unique sound, making you want more and more. To back this sound up there is Chris Hines on guitar and Steve Mercy on bass, making the whole sound scape come together in a harmony to draw you in and bewitch the soul.

This band has been going strong since 1998 and is still touring, I myself can’t wait until the lockdown ends’ and I can go see these wonderful performers live (as they were currently touring before this), I’m sure it will be a show to remember.

Words: Steph Warren

Find CAUDA PAVONIS on Facebook.

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