NEW SINGLE: Angel Nation – Fly Away

When a band I respect and admire releases a new song this is what usually happens; I instantly share it on social media with maybe one or two sentences explaining what it is. I always make sure to include a message stating about how you should check out the band in question. With ANGEL NATION’s new single Fly Away, I felt a short post wouldn’t have done it justice.

It’s been a while since Aeon was released and so when this news came through, I was naturally intrigued. They are currently working on their third and this new single Fly Away is a special release. A while ago, a long term supporter approached band vocalist Elina Siirala and asked if she would write a song to his son’s memory. The press statement reads “This ballad combines more intimate, acoustic approach and a full rock sound being delicate, strong, sad and joyful, all at the same time” After having listened to this song a few times now, I can confirm this is accurate.

ANGEL NATION are great at crafting stunning melodies that make you stop in your tracks and Fly Away is no exception. If I can think of a word to describe the first part of the track, it would be heavenly. That’s down to Elina’s angelic voice, the enchanting piano melody and the stunning guitar work. These are delicately done and it grabs your attention, something that is quite feat to achieve. Even when second half of the track cranks it up a notch, in terms of more distorted guitars and powerful drums, it still contains that delicate ambience.

Whether you know it’s coming or it’s sudden, loosing a loved one is a hardship to go through. You go through an array of emotions but the one thing that doesn’t change is how much you miss them. At the same time, there is that comfort in knowing you are not alone as most of us have experienced this. For me personally, this song provides comfort and time to reflect. The aspect that helps with this is the beautiful song writing. Lyrics lines “In me you’re still alive, All the joy you left behind” and “Your smile, it’s invisible but in my heart it’ll never die” hit home for me personally. I lost a close aunty last year to cancer and these lyrics did make me think of her.

It’s rare for songs to bring my emotions to the surface and this is what Fly Away did. Twice. This is truly a stunning track and shows us why ANGEL NATION are a band to look out for. The single is available to purchase now from the usual digital platforms.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Fly Away is out now.

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