ALBUM REVIEW: The Treatment – Waiting For Good Luck

Cambridge Hard Rockers THE TREATMENT have been on my radar for the past ten years, blimey ten years. I was at university when I first listened to them and saw them live. AC/DC meets AEROSMITH were my first thoughts when listening to their debut album This Might Hurt. Fast forward to the present day and that is still my thought when listening to their latest release Waiting For Good Luck.

The album wastes no time in kicking off with Rat Race. Within the first bars of the track, you are treated to their infectious riffs, dominant vocal work and thunderous drums. You really get that old school hard rock sound with a modern twist.

The band have had several line-up changes over the years and sometimes you might expect some changes in their sound. This isn’t the case with THE TREATMENT and that’s a great thing. They manage to stick to this old school AC/DC type sound with a modern twist. This was what attracted me to the band in the first place and I am personally glad they haven’t strayed away from this. Below are just a few examples of this great sound in action.

Take AIRBOURNE type summer feelings and mix those with sassy AEROSMITH riffs; Lightning In A Bottle would be the final concoction. If I were to describe this track in one word, it would be infectious and I shall tell you why. It’s rare these days where I stop what I’m doing to enjoy and appreciate the song in it’s full glory. Lightening In A Bottle is one of those songs. It has everything I love in a great rock song; slick riffs and solos, a beat where I can dance and the ability to escape for a few minutes. It’s a fantastic feel good anthem that will help you feel free. With these in mind, this is one of my personal favourite tracks.   

SCORPIONS classic Rock You Like A Hurricane came to mind when I heard the intro of Devil In The Detail. That may be down to the similar type of riff, more importantly providing that power and impact within the first few seconds. I have said many times, I am attracted to strong and solid melodies. Devil In The Detail definitely contains this. I look forward to experiencing this track live.

Barman is another personal favourite track.  The song makes me think of old western saloon; patrons sitting at the bar waiting for a relaxing drink after a long day whilst the musician plays the upbeat accompaniment on piano. This also made me think of The Outlaw from their second album Running With The Dogs, there is also a western atmosphere as the title may suggest. These tracks could easily be part of a story together.

It ends on a triumphant note with closer Wrong Way, they keep up with their consistent sound right until the last track.

Waiting For Good Luck is solid hard rock record that will lift spirits and it shows THE TREATMENT are not to be messed with. Understandably fans and critics are all rejoicing about this record. Final words from me:  get this album, play it on the biggest speakers you have and crank up the volume. You will have a great time listening to it.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Waiting For Good Luck is out now.

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