Most of you may know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this edition of the playlist honours this. There are songs that depict lyrically and/or musically what it’s like living with a mental illness, songs that lift them us during troubled times and by artists who have lost their lives to mental illness.

Some of our team members have contributed their own choices. Here’s what they have chosen and why.

Dave: Pink Floyd – Time

“This is a fantastic song. The music, the backing singers, the words, all put together perfectly to catch a certain mood/feeling. The older you get, the harder the lyrics hit you.”

Lotty: Lord Of The Lost – A Splintered Mind

“I was blown away when I first heard this song. I felt the lyrics described perfectly what it’s like living with a mental illness/issue and the questions you ask a loved one when opening up about it.”

Jack: Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

“I feel that a vast number of mental health issues stem from the belief that you may not ‘fit in’ and may not be good enough for other people. This song is fighting against that notion, telling the fictional character in the song to be herself and to not try too hard to fit in with the crowd. This message will resonate with many people across the world who are suffering. A favourite lyric of mine from this track is ‘Live right now. Yeah, just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re good enough for someone else’. This speaks volumes about the song’s message!”

Steph: Bebe Rexha – I’m A Mess

I love this song; it has gotten me through some of the darker moments. Whilst this track is
predominantly about the heart ache of one-sided love, it also carries a powerful message. One of the
most powerful lyrics that helped me is ‘he don’t love me but that’s ok because I love myself’. The
message that I pull from this song that picks me up and gives me hope is, we are all a mess, but
everything is going to be ok. In these dark times we must all remember everything is going to be ok.

What song/s help you through dark times? Which songs speak to you when you’re having a bad time with ill mental health? We would love to hear your choices in the comment section.


Control The Storm – Chaotic Mind
Seether – Rise Above This
Edguy – Fucking With Fire
Freedom Call – Warriors
Shinedown – I’ll Follow You
Black Sheets Of Rain – Weight Of Shadows
Linkin’ Park – One More Light
John Mayer – Gravity
Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box
Bebe Rexha – I’m A Mess
Lord Of The Lost – A Splintered Mind
Pink Floyd – Time
Visions Of Atlantis – The Deep & The Dark
Massive Wagons – House Of Noise
Huntress – Eight Of Swords
The Prodigy – Firestarter
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Chris Cornell – Patience
Avicii – Wake Me Up
Brothers Of Metal – One

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