Well as we come to the end of June, we are halfway through the year. Here in the UK, we have just had the Download Festival pilot and reports at the moment look like it has been a success. Hopefully, this means a return to some sense of normality soon and a return to the pastimes we all used to enjoy pre-pandemic. However, until such things unfold it is time for an updated Rock Out Stand Out playlist!

Seeing as “we’re halfway there” we start off with Livin’ On A Prayer by BON JOVI which seems totally apt for this point of the year.

There are album anniversaries for the likes of KISS, PAPA ROACH and SONATA ARCTICA, so we have included a track from the respective albums.

There has also been a nominal 30th Anniversary for THE QUIREBOYS who have recently released a 30th Anniversary rendition of their classic 7 O’Clock so we have included this into the playlist.

New albums and singles from the likes of ANGELWINGS, AT THE GATES, EDGE OF PARADISE, EX DEO, HELLOWEEN, KK’s PRIEST and NEONFLY of which all have been included in the playlist.

Lots of birthdays too for the latter part of this month as follows:

Let us firstly say hail to the King! As KING DIAMOND celebrated a 65th birthday, long may he continue to reign as we dive into the haunting classic that is Abigail!

We can then jump Into The Pit with CHUCK BILLY of the mighty Thrash titans TESTAMENT turning 58 years young.

The mighty DEMONSTEALER Sahil Makhija (also of DEMONIC RESURRECTION fame) celebrated his 39th birthday and therefore we have included the recent DEMONSTEALER release Sic Semper Tyrannis to the playlist.

Former NIGHTWISH vocalist and current THE DARK ELEMENT vocalist Anette Olzon celebrated her 50th birthday and has also released the single Parasite from her upcoming solo album Strong, so we have included said single in this edition of the playlist.

DEFTONES vocalist Chino Moreno turned 47 this month so we have gone back to yesteryear and selected Minerva for the playlist.

Also, a birthday in the BLIND GUARDIAN camp with drummer Frederik Ehmke turning 43 so have included one of their classics to the playlist.

NIGHTWISH guitarist Emppu Vuorinen also turned 43 this month and we bring this edition of the playlist to a close with a Last Ride Of The Day.

That is it for this list. Take care, stay safe and see you on the next one.

Rock Out Stand Out Playlist – 26.06.2021

Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer
Helloween – Fear of the Fallen
Deftones – Minerva
Papa Roach – Time and Time Again
The Quireboys – 7 O’Clock
Neonfly – The Future, Tonight
KISS – Love Gun
KK’s Priest – Sermons of the Sinner
King Diamond – Abigail
At The Gates – The Fall Into Time
Testament – Into The Pit
Ex Deo – Imperator
Demonstealer – Sic Semper Tyrannis
Anette Olzon – Parasite
Edge Of Paradise – Digital Paradise
Warkings – Fight
Angelwings – Primordium
Sonata Arctica – Black Sheep
Blind Guardian – The Last Candle
Nightwish – Last Ride of the Day

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