It’s the end of the month so we know what that means, it’s time for our team members to reveal their choices for album of the month. Here’s what they picked.

Martin: Faeland – When I Close My Eyes

FAELAND were a very recent discovery. I spotted a Facebook ad from the group offering a free CD. I
took a punt, and I really was not disappointed at all.

From the offset I found this album extremely relaxing, soothing and that it reaches deep within to
your soul. Sometimes music finds you just when you need it and in the case of FAELAND that
sentiment rings true.

Touching on themes of natural magic, healing and our own emotions. This is exactly the kind of
music I can envisage myself listening to whilst unwinding on a beach, as the tide starts to creep
inland, and the Sun begins its descent upon the horizon.

How best to describe this band? A folk orientated acoustic journey with nods towards FLEETWOOD MAC and THE CORRS amongst others with an ethereal and cleansing sound that connects one with all
of the majesty of the natural beauty around us.

Find FAELAND on Facebook.

Lotty: dArtagnan – Feuer & Flamme

It’s been a long hot month, I think in reality it was only a few days but it felt longer. So naturally I looked for an album that I could relax to but at the same time provide my tired and exhausted self with some oomph in this heat. After a long search, I came across a great one. German Medieval Rockers DARTAGNAN caught my attention at the beginning of the year due to one of the members being in another personal favourite band FEUERSCHWANZ. I was instantly attracted to their upbeat and empowering melodies, most of you know that the first month of this year was rough for me so their music was a great comfort during that time and continues to be.

They released their latest album Feuer & Flamme in March and I have had it on loop since purchasing it. It’s a great pick me up when I feel down and anxious, this month in particular really tested my strength and this album was my guiding light. Feuer & Flamme contains great, folky, fun melodies that you can dance to or relax and enjoy. As you know, I am attracted to great melodies and Feuer & Flamme is full of them. My personal favourites include the festivities in Feste Feiern, the bouncy majesticness from Glücksritter, the silliness in Песня мушкетеров (Das Lied der Musketiere) and the empowering Farewell featuring Patty Gurdy. Farewell was released as a single in January and I had hit rock bottom at that time, this song was the pick me up I needed.

If you fancy hearing a Medieval Folk Rock cover of a David Bowie classic and a rendition of a Ludwig van Beethoven masterpiece, I recommend getting the double CD edition of this album.

Find DARTAGNAN on Facebook.

Jacob: Nick Drake – Pink Moon

Pink Moon is the third album by English singer-songwriter Nick Drake. Drake famously suffered with depression very bad all his life which was sadly cut short at the age of 26. It is here on Pink Moon that his experiences of poor mental health and the underappreciated genius for which he’d later become known, shine.

The album is short, you could listen to it twice in the span of a normal release, and you probably short. Drake left an indelible mark on the British Folk scene and on the world of guitar playing as a whole.

The album sprung to mind because of the Strawberry moon that was visible on the 23rd of July in the UK and surely there is no better fit.

Find Nick Drake on Facebook.

Ashley: Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum

As a man who has been a fan of FEAR FACTORY for a very long time, including being the first band I ever saw live I have a very heartfelt and deep connection to them. Personally I would class albums such as Obselete and Demanufacture as masterpieces. They’re amazing from start to finish. The new album though, Aggression Continuum which was released on June 18th at first I didn’t receive very well. I felt disappointed, and I didn’t pay it much notice.

A few weeks passed, and after a night of playing games and drinking beers, I found myself listening to Recode on repeat for about 3 hours. The album suddenly felt desirable. I’ve never felt so happy to be proven wrong. Even more so than a band I’ve been following for nearly 20 years.

A lot of the album feels like a real throwback to the early days of FEAR FACTORY, very savage but precise at the same time. Songs like the title track, Fuel Injected Suicide and Manufactured Hope show this in abundance. Yet still capable of showing more melodic and softer sections that fit perfectly in songs such as Recode and Monolith. It’s all things to all people. (unless you’re the sort of person who likes Justin Bieber, then it probably isn’t for you.)

It’s funny to think that if I reviewed this album when it came out I would’ve given it a bad score. As it stands. I’m glad I didn’t do it!

Find FEAR FACTORY on Facebook.

Steph: The Beautiful South – Blue Is The Colour

This month I have been in a melancholy mood, not wanting anything to up beat or complex to break my creative flow. So, this album has been my background sound track. Beautifully depressing with simple instrumentals that relax the back of my brain the same way a nice massage relaxes my back. Its strange how sad songs about death, alcoholism and lost love can help the stress to melt away and the creative thoughts flow through you.


These are what our team members have picked, what would you have chosen for your album of the month? Let us know in the comments.

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