It’s always been there. Bubbling under the surface. Creeping into our dreams. Creating a fear that ran society. The old gods spreading their hold. But we fought back. We created the new gods.

We worshiped them. Money, TV, lights and noise taking the place of dark, science and fear. And it was good. Then the new gods became real.

It started with death. People sacrificed in new ways, use of wire and electricity replacing knife and sical. We tried to turn the tide. Shut down the TV. Turn of the radio. Stop the flow of energy. But they didn’t go away. They take our energy and life. Devouring our souls for the power.

Now we sit in front of the screen. Fearing the silence of the old gods and fearing the noise of the new gods. We are herded like cattle. Many do not know they are being harvested. They sit, watch and die, thinking they are free.

There are whispers in the shadows. Mumbling of the old gods warring with the new. But what we fear is the whispers of a new faith. Those that wish to replace the gods of electricity with the gods of man. The idea of man becoming god.

The old gods where here before us and their dark ways where their own. The new gods where made by man and their ways where a reflection of our own. But a god of man will bring out the dark in our hearts. Then where will we find hope.

Words: Steph Warren

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