NEW SINGLE: Majestica – Metal United

“Oh just one more listen.”

“But I don’t want to get bored of the song.”

Does this sound familiar when you hear a great song? Do you have it on loop for days afterwards?

The latest song for me is MAJESTICA’s Metal United and I didn’t feel a post on social media was enough so it deserves one of my rare single write ups. I was feeling quite low and tired the day it came out but within seconds of listening to it, a smile spread across my face. Ever since then, it has been on loop.

It’s a glorious tribute to those who are involved making festivals and live shows for touring bands come to life. It also provides hope that things will get back to some kind of normality for live music. The joyful melody and empowering lyrics do remarkably well to reinforce the beautiful message within the song.

In the words of MAJESTICA “Raise your glass, raise your fist for those who built your fancy stage.” and “For those we have lost, for the damage it caused, We stand up united as one”

Words: Lotty Whittingham

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