Consequences is an exciting independent release from AEONS, a technical progressive metal band from the Isle of Man.

Their debut album, A Tragic End, was a fantastic introduction to their unique take on progressive metal. With tracks like Vampire and Blue Shift being the perfect examples to showcase the two sides to their sound. One being groove metal and the other fitting in the classic, progressive, ethereal metal.

Now, the band have taken their distinctive sound one step further and crafted seven awe-inspiring progressive metal tracks.

From the very first note of the opening track, Rubicon, it’s clear that AEONS are out to do something different.

While Progressive Metal has always been about pushing boundaries, ironically, it’s still a subgenre that has succumb to the perils of formula.

AEONS don’t completely blindside the tropes of modern-day progressive metal, but they do turn them on their head.

Tracks like Lighthouse and Blight might initially be hard to distinct between the AEONS sound and every other progressive metal band’s musical identity, but the more you get into the tracks, the more you can hear the band’s unmistakable creative genius.

Rubicon showcases the band’s ability to deliver explosive groove metal tracks while Hades and Persephone rides on the classic, ethereal progressive metal sound with DREAM THEATER esque vibes.

Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut will be another favourite for fans of the heavier, groovier side of progressive metal. Yet it doesn’t fail to have emotional depth that all tracks throughout Consequences achieve.

Bloodstains, as the name suggests, continues with this groove metal theme, delivering on ear crunching breakdowns and aggressive vocals to match.

Consequences ends on an impressive eleven something minute long track, Evelyn. It’s a bombastic track filled with twists and turns but ultimately has a melodic thread that strings it all together.

Overall, as a sophomore effort and an independent release, Consequences, is impressive album with strength, finesse, and many magical moments.

Not only is the song writing solid, but the production is spectacular and is ultimately what brings this album to life.

You can hear everything which allows you to truly appreciate every single note. Not only that but because the production is so well done, you can get completely immersed in the music, which in these tough times, is appreciated.

With an album as profound as Consequences, it’s hard to pinpoint any faults. Having said that, one thing that AEONS could improve on is the vocals.

Because the music on offer here is so heavy and powerful, the softer, melodic vocals provided by Skippy Hilton seem weak in comparison. Even in moments of quiet throughout the album, it’s hard not to notice this.

While Hilton has the aggressive growls down, for his vocals to go to the next level, he should work on his delivery of softer, melodic vocals and ensure that his voice matches the power of the music.

After two albums of forceful progressive metal, AEONS have laid down the foundations of a successful career and I look forward to seeing what they do next.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Megan Taylor

Consequences is out now.

Find AEONS on Facebook, and Instagram.


  1. That is some cool sounding stuff. I like when the more proggy bands lean into the groove more, it lends more to the experience than just trying to show off. They stay away from total showoff or djent mode and actually write songs.

    I do agree with what you said about the contrast between harsh and clean vocals, though. I’ve only listened to Rubicons so far but I notice the clean delivery is very alt-rock as opposed to a clean metal sound. The band has a lot to work with here but that is a big area they could improve on, that stark contrast doesn’t really add to what they’re doing.


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