Two weeks is up and we’re getting closer to those colder months now. There have been a great array of releases, birthdays have been celebrated and there are some song selections to honour someone in the metal community who passed away recently.

There have been some cracking album releases from Seven Spires, Apostolica, Brainstorm and Whyzdom so songs from each of those albums are on there. Leaves’ Eyes released a special edition of their latest album The Last Viking.

Single releases come from Mortemia, Temperance, Sabaton, U.D.O, Serious Black, Aephanemer, Anneke Van Giersbergen, HammerFall and Skillet. Ghost and The HU also cover songs from a classic Metallica album, it’s alongside a lot of other covers which is interesting. Majestica released a great tribute to those involved with bringing festivals and gigs to life, particularly during Covid times.

Wolf, Eleine, Blind Guardian and Gus G had their members celebrate birthdays within these two weeks. Ensiferum and Dark Tranquility announced a co-headliner tour so classics from them are on the list.

Note From Lotty: A few weeks ago, promoter Rich Ravenhill sadly passed away. He was a solid presence in the underground metal scene, particularly in Worthing, Brighton and surrounding areas. He was also a huge help to me from a press perspective and was always on hand if I had questions. His dedicated work for bands and infectious passion the scene will never be forgotten.

To honour him, I decided to place a few songs on this playlist; they are his personal favourites and from bands he has worked with. I would like to thank those I got in touch with about song choices and providing me with these options. Whenever you hear one of his favourite songs, a song from one of the bands he has worked with or both; raise your glass (or bottle or drinking horn) and rock horns to Rich.

Take care of yourselves first and foremost, see you on the next playlist.

Rock Out Stand out Playlist – 18.09.2021

Apostolica – No More Place In Hell
TesseracT – Tourniquet
Ghost – Enter Sandman
Temperance – Pure Life Unfolds
Mortemia feat. Liv Kristine – Decadence Deepens Within
Sabaton feat. Tina Guo – Steel Commanders
Wolf – Shark Attack
HammerFall – Templars Of Steel (2020 Remix)
The Outlaw Orchestra – Done My Time
U.D.O – Prophecy
Whyzdom – Stonehenge
Eleine – Ava Of Death
Blind Guardian – Mirror Mirror
Between The Buried And Me – Prequel To The Sequel
Aephanemer – Panta Rhei
Anneke Van Giersbergen – Sobrevivire
King Leviathan – Like Wolves To The Throat Of The Lion
Gus G feat. Vinnie Moore – Force Majeure
Leaves’ Eyes feat. Clementine Delauney – Black Butterfly
Textures – Awake
Dark Tranquility – Misery’s Crown
Seven Spires – Through Lifetimes
Mastodon – Thank You For This
Brainstorm feat. Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann – Turn Off The Light
The HU – Through The Never
Skillet – Surviving The Game
Serious Black – The Story
Majestica – Metal United
Ensiferum – From Afar
Bleed Again – Legacy

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