Before we reveal the latest playlist, would like to apologise for this one being a few days late due to being away for Easter Weekend. Without further ado, here is what's on this edition of the list. There have been new album releases from ANGEL NATION, SEMBLANT, TRICK OR TREAT and MORS PRINCIPUM EST so … Continue reading ROCK OUT STAND OUT PLAYLIST – 19.04.2022


Two weeks is up and we're getting closer to those colder months now. There have been a great array of releases, birthdays have been celebrated and there are some song selections to honour someone in the metal community who passed away recently. There have been some cracking album releases from Seven Spires, Apostolica, Brainstorm and … Continue reading ROCK OUT STAND OUT PLAYLIST – 18.09.2021

ALBUM REVIEW: Serious Black – Suite 226

Power metal lovers! Join me for a listening journey of a tale that is sorrowful and compelling in nature. Suite 226 is a concept album that tells a tale of a mentally confused man who is torn between his own dreamworld, reality and evil. He has been held captive for many years in the dismal. … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Serious Black – Suite 226

Album Review: Serious Black – Mirrorworld

In the world of Metal, the sub-genre Power Metal is often ridiculed for its majestic melodies that often remind one of fantasy dramas such as Game of Thrones, It’s even dubbed “not proper metal” by those Extreme Metal elitists. The latest album ‘Mirrorworld’ from multi-national Power Metal troupe SERIOUS BLACK shows those that Power Metal … Continue reading Album Review: Serious Black – Mirrorworld