BAND PROFILE: Steam Powered Giraffe

Today I wanted to introduce you to a fun little band called STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE. Specialising in steam punk themed music, these performers have created a whole persona and stage presence that truly inspire and entertain. The band was formed by the twins David Michael Bennett whose onstage robotic persona is The Spine and Isabella ‘Bunny’ Bennett who presents as the robot Rabbit. With an ever-changing support network of other robots and performers they are able to put on engaging performance ranging from music gigs to robot pantomimes (I mean who does not want to see that?).

As with many bands that create an on-stage personas, STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE have a whole back story, which is available to read on their website. It has everything you would expect from a steam punk themed robot band, from failed experiments to doomed love. I personally just love watching a mix of different robots singing everything from original love songs to covers of modern pop (I still think that their cover of Rihanna’s Dimond’s is a beautiful creation, and I will never get bored of watching it). There is even the occasional cameo performance from STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE itself (yes that’s a thing).

I know that the music of STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE is very different to the genre that Rock Out Stand Out usually identifies with, being a rock and metal magazine, but I think the silly nature of this band is a great way to relax and unwind. The world can be very stressful and loud but sometimes sitting and watching a video of robots singing songs about Brass Goggles allows you to relax, laugh and forget the terrible day that may have just passed. We all sometimes need to see the silly in the world and enjoy something different which this band embraces with open arms.

Words: Steph Warren


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