Time really does fly, we are now on the last album of the month post of 2021. Next month will see end of year posts. Let’s see what our team members have picked for their last album of the month for 2021.

Martin: Seven Sisters – Shadow Of A Fallen Star Pt. 1

It has been just over a month since London’s SEVEN SISTERS released their third album Shadow Of A Fallen Start Pt. 1 and I find myself revisiting it time and again.

The album itself is the first half of a sci-fi concept that was conceived by frontman Kyle McNeill and features eight mighty songs spread over forty minutes and is a true sign that SEVEN SISTERS are undoubtedly flying the flag high for the UK Metal scene.

If you love the classic heavy metal of yesteryear, NWOBHM, or epic songs with a hybrid of symphonic and thrash then this is the band for you!

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Lotty: Aexylium – The Fifth Season

It’s rare for me to take to completely new music like a duck to water these days. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I reviewed AEXYLIUM’s The Fifth Season, I was drawn in hook line and sinker from the moment I pressed play. The album is a triumphant portfolio of excellent Symphonic Folk Metal tracks that are bound to become anthems, I wouldn’t be surprised if they already are. You have epic sounding tracks such as The Bridge, Mountains, Battle Of Tettenhall, Immortal Blood and Spirit Of The North that will even make the most tedious of tasks feel like an epic quest. Vinland and Skål encourage you to let your hair down. Need some calm in between? Not to worry as An Damhsa Mor, Yggdrasil and On The Cliff’s Edge will provide that breathing space. Like I said in my album review, it’s albums like this masterpiece that make choosing album of the year a tough task. Highly recommended if you like ELUVEITIE and ELVENKING.

You can read my full review of the album here.

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Megan: Emigrate – The Persistence Of Memory

My album of the month is EMIGRATE’s The Persistence of Memory. I’ve always been a big fan of EMIGRATE, but I have a newfound respect for them with their latest release. Up until this point the band have mostly stuck to an interesting but nonetheless safe blend of industrial and hard rock. With The Persistence of Memory, the enigmatic Richard Z Kruspe has crafted a selection of attentive tracks which are whimsical and heavy at the same time. This is an album that completely transports you into the mind of it’s a thrilling ride with Rage, I’m Still Alive, and Freeze My Mind, offering epic cinematic experiences. If there was ever an album that personifies the German word, Das Kopfkino, (meaning mind cinema), this is it.

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That’s our last Album Of The Month post of 2021. What would be your choice for album of the month? Stay tuned for the end of year posts.

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