ALBUM REVIEW: Warcall – Dead End Pt. 2

When we think of thrash music we think of the big names like METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, and SLAYER. While METALLICA remains the biggest band in thrash metal and arguably in the world, there is still an underground world of thrash going strong. One of the most promising names in underground thrash are WARCALL and they’re just about to detonate their latest EP, Dead End Pt. 2 onto the world.

Dead End Pt 1. Was ushered into existence earlier this year and featured a selection of ear crushingly heavy tracks like Reckless which has a hook so catchy you’ll be playing it on repeat. Dead End Pt 2. carries on from where we left off: in the depths of thrash hell. The EP’s opener, Intoxicated, is an all guns blazing thrash track that utilises the classic ‘one-note’ thrash style and adding layers of melody. Black Amber continues on this melodic thread but the grizzly vocals and metallicized drums ensures a certain level of heaviness that is expected by thrash fans.

The band’s musicianship really starts to shine on Off Road which almost feels like a tribute to their more mainstream counterparts circa 1980s. The central riff is a brutal assault on the ears and reminiscent of METALLICA’S Battery. Control Denied on the other hand is comprised of devilish axe-attack riffs that can only be compared to ANTHRAX classics like I Am The Law and Among The Living. Dead End Pt 2. ends on a high note with the decadently aggressive Venom. If you love thrash because of the dual guitar riffs, this may very well be your favourite track off the EP.

If you know anything about thrash music then you’ll know that thrash is not one for variety and while in most reviews that would be a criticism, in this instance, it adds to the enjoyment of the EP. Thrash bands know exactly what they are and what they represent and that often leads little room for experimentation. In a world where change is constant, it’s nice to be able to rely on certain bands to know exactly what type of music you’re going to get. WARCALL clearly have a defined sound and they only seem to be improving on it with more intricate melodies as they release more music.

Fundamentally, WARCALL have delivered an impressive EP full of meaty riffs and growls any thrash fan would approve of. Listening to it in full is recommended as you’ll really get to experience how the band have manage to web together the addictive melodies of thrash and the bang your head riffs that have made the sub-genre so beloved by fans world over.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Megan Taylor

Dead End Pt 2. will be released is out now.

Find WARCALL on Facebook and Instagram.

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