EP REVIEW: Fate of the Fallen – Purify

Everyone knows that metal has its foundations within the industrial factories surrounded by smoke, steam and steel. Not bound solely to the Midlands, industrial towns and cities across the UK have always spawned additional bands into the maelstrom over the course of time. Now from the Northwest of England comes a new beast by the name of FATE OF THE FALLEN who have recently launched their debut offering, Purify.

The Great Deceiver makes you want to bang your head straight away. There is some nods to the likes of EMPEROR and AT THE GATES included here with a touch of THE DEFILED thrown in for good measure. From its heavy guttural verses, it juxtaposes well with the clean vocals in the chorus.   

War Within could have quite easily come straight from a recent SCAR SYMMETRY release (no complaints here!), it throws you straight into the whirlwind that is this track and will have you wanting to open up a pit in earnest.  The musical expertise and finesse on this one just makes me smile all the way through even as this mighty track comes to a close. The guitar prowess between Ashley Thompson and Barry Carr on this piece certainly ensure this vortex personifies one’s own battles with their inner demons.

Death March is the longest track showcased here. I do love the percussive build-up from Adam Southcott personifying an army on the march.  It has the intensity of vintage SLIPKNOT amalgamating with a good dose of both 36 CRAZYFISTS and early KILLSWITCH ENGAGE.

With the title track we sadly come to the end of this debut offering and this also is the first single release from the band too. The music video for this was filmed at the renowned Sanctuary Rock Bar in Burnley, not only a regular haunt for yours truly over the years but the band too. The video embodies the raw extreme energy that is generated by such a performance. From Elliot Maxell’s heavy doom-laden bass introduction through to the dual axe attack and blistering percussion amalgamating with the heavy guttural vocals it totally ensnares you before the clean-vocal chorus throws another curve ball into the mix. What Barry achieves on this piece is nothing short of amazing, being able to contrast akin to a Brian Molko like sound to that of a monster crawling out of the abyss, this is great!

For a debut EP, you would have thought that this band had released several releases to date, it sounds incredible for a first offering. There is quite obviously a wide mix of influences showcased herein which is due to each member bringing something to the table. Not only reflected in each song being independent of each other but unified in its delivery which is nothing short of awesome.  Expect a bangover for days after this mighty debut.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

Find FATE OF THE FALLEN on Facebook.

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