ALBUM REVIEW: Thundermother – Black And Gold

2022 is the summer that we never had and if you’re looking for a soundtrack for the ultimate summer then look no further than THUNDERMOTHER’S upcoming album, Black and Gold. Black and Gold is THUNDERMOTHER’S fourth album and doesn’t do much to experiment with what they’ve done before but that’s okay because they know who they are and they’re not afraid to show it. 

Hailing from rock n roll’ country Sweden, the all-star band shows off their exceptional musical song-writing talent in Black And Gold with an onslaught of new, fresh tracks under their belt. The Light in the Sky is a strong start to the band’s fourth effort and has everything you could hope for in a hard rock song. Cheeky riffs, shouty vocals, and a sing-a-long chorus that’s just tailor-made for festivals. The rest of the album follows a similar pattern of song-writing. Except for the odd rock ballad here and there (as is tradition), THUNDERMOTHER’s latest album is mostly comprised of radio-friendly rock tracks.

Some of the standouts of the album for me include Raise Your Hand which is the ultimate rock anthem. It’s the sort of song you’d want to listen to driving down the Californian coastline in a Mercedes convertible with the roof down and speakers at full volume. The core riff is similar to a number of HALESTORM tracks, more specifically, You Call me a B*tch Like It’s a Bad Thing.

Hot Mess, on the other hand, sounds like it comes straight out of Nashville. While the ballad guitar riff is captivating the most entrancing part of the song is Guernica Mancini’s vocals. It’s clear throughout the album that she’s taken influence from bands like HALESTORM and BLACK STONE CHERRY who historically have a mixed country with hard rock. 

Wasted is another classic rock track that is your typical ‘party rock’ anthem with lyrics about drinking shots at the bar. If you’ve ever heard any of AIRBOURNE’S back catalog then you know exactly what to expect as far as riffage and storytelling go. Watch Out also has a similar feelgood melody and is the sort of song that you’d expect the band to play to wake up a crowd at a European festival. I Don’t Know You is one of the stronger tracks on the record and has a plucking guitar riff comparable to classic AC/DC tracks. However, it mixes up the status quo a little with a more melodic, dramatic chorus that has ballad routes. 

Fundamentally, Black And Gold is a record that is absolutely made for hard rock fans who like cheeky riffs and songs about drinking. It’s particularly for fans of AIRBOURNE and HALESTORM, and if, however, you like depths and meaningful lyrics then this album may not be for you. While the band has clearly defined their sound in their fourth album, it doesn’t do much else to branch out of that classic ‘party rock’ formula. That said, it’s still a good album to put on in the summer months if you want something easy to sing along to or to get you in the mood while you’re driving to a festival. 

Rating: 7/10

Words: Megan Taylor

Black And Gold will be released 19th August 2022 via AFM Records.

Find THUNDERMOTHER on Facebook.

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