Two weeks have gone and it’s Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. Let’s hope this latest edition of the playlist provides the ideal soundtrack for this.

There have been a lot of releases. There have been albums from THUNDERMOTHER, SOILWORK, GRAVE DIGGER, DYNAZTY, ANTHEA and IRON SAVIOUR so songs from each of these albums can be found on this edition of the list.

BOREALIS, WARKINGS, BEYOND THE BLACK, KORPIKLAANI, EVERMORE and A NEW TOMORROW have all released singles. SONATA ARCTICA released an acoustic rendition of one of their much loved classics.

ELVENKING, MASSIVE and DORO have had band members that have celebrated birthdays. As well as Gene Simmons, Rob Halford and Tarja Turunen so songs from their respective bands are on the list.

This playlist ends with an important song. It’s been fifteen years since Sophie Lancaster tragically passed away from horrific injuries sustained from a brutal attack. DELAIN’s We Are The Others is a battle cry for those who need a voice and want to shout how proud they are to be their true authentic selves. Raise a glass to Sophie and Sylvia Lancaster as this song plays.

Look after yourselves and each other, stay safe and see you on the next playlist.


A New Tomorrow – Until The End
Elvenking – Pagan Revolution
Korpiklaani – Krystallomantia
Soilwork – Is It In Your Darkness
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
Thundermother – Loud And Free
KISS – Detroit Rock City
Evermore – Court Of The Tyrant King
Doro feat. The Classic Night Orchestra – Fur Immer
Beyond The Black – Is There Anybody Out There?
Limp Bizkit – Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
Grave Digger – Hell Is My Purgatory
Hammer King – Kingdemonium
Helloween – A Tale That Wasn’t Right
Tarja – My Little Phoenix
Anthea – Sapiens
Warkings feat. Morgan le Fey – Monsters
Dynazty – Achilles Heel
Massive – Bullet
Sonata Arctica – I Have A Right (Acoustic)
Kaledon feat. Nicoletta Rosellini – The Story Comes To An End?
Iron Saviour – Brothers (Of The Past)
Judas Priest – Turbo Lover
Borealis – Pray For Water
Delain – We Are The Others (Ballad Version)

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