ALBUM REVIEW: The Injester – A Spectacle To Behold

Roll up, roll up, come one and come all….if you dare. There is a new mysterious clown horde on the loose and they don’t plan on giving you a pleasant time. They go by the name THE INJESTER and let me tell you, they are due to unleash chaos and pandemonium with their debut concoction A Spectacle To Behold. Are you ready to experience the show? Let me give you a tiny rundown, you can decide whether you are prepared or not.

It wastes no time in opening up with Clown Horde. This is the first time I have come across a track that tells you exactly what you’re getting whilst maintaining a mystery around things as well. This opener keeps you on your toes and that’s what THE INJESTER are all about. They grab your attention and drag you to the sinister circus tent whether you are ready for it or not.

Throughout this record, you experience excellent melodies that will have you on the edge of your seat ready to run whilst keeping you engaged at the same time. These are made up with slick guitar work, intriguing vocals, eerie atmospheric sounds and many twists and turns. Below are a few of the acts.

The start of Curses wouldn’t be out of place in a classic horror film; due to “similar sounding melodies, Mike Oldfield’s eerie classic Tubular Bells from The Exorcist comes to mind. The track manages to be playful and sinister at the same time as this horde of clowns manage to balance the components perfectly.

Tom Walker is a track I won’t be forgetting about any time soon. Given the subject matter of this track, the choir of children singing about tearing out organs and the storytelling ambience in this song works incredibly well. The verses have a sinister and terrifying atmosphere so by the time you get to the acoustic and seemingly friendly chorus, you are still feeling the need to run whilst being glued to the spot. A great song that can bring forth any emotion deserves high praise and Tom Walker does this brilliantly.

With Gin And Bone, you’re instantly hit with a WEDNESDAY 13/ROB ZOMBIE heaviness.  The chorus Gin And Bone will be belted out by audiences all over the world; it wouldn’t surprise me if it has been in the UK already.

The last full act on the record is the title track. It’s a track certainly lives up to its name with the amount of twists and turns it offers up. What are they do you ask? Now that would be telling, it’s up to you to experience the show for yourself to find out more.

Outro is the perfect way to end this record. I can imagine this playing on the system as the terrified audience leave the performance area at the end of the show.

A Spectacle To Behold is a delightfully sinister offering from this malevolent clown horde. Expect many twists and turns that will fill listeners with terror and fear…I mean fill them curiosity and wonder. With Halloween just around the corner, this will provide the perfect soundtrack.

Note:  this record is not for the feint hearted.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

A Spectacle To Behold will be unleased 28th October 2022.

Find THE INJESTER on Facebook.

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