SINGLE REVIEW: Battle Born – Fire Storm

Have you ever been so keen to share the news about something fantastic to the point where you can’t hold it in anymore? This is how I felt when listening to Fire Storm, the hot and fiery single from rising Power Metal stars BATTLE BORN. Like many of their fans and followers, I was aware this single release was coming up and was able to grab a moment to listen to it during my day job.

At first listen, you can easily hear how much their sound has developed and grown. The opening melody on the keys is reminiscent of old school NIGHTWISH; in particular back to the album Oceanborn. As the track progresses, you can start to hear the types of choirs and vocal harmonies that wouldn’t be out of place on an ORDEN OGAN track. Makes sense as ORDEN OGAN’s Sebastian ‘Seeb’ Levermann has mixed and mastered their debut album which this track is on. No complaints from me, this mixing and mastering was the cherry on top of the band’s already solid sound.

As it gets to the chorus, memories of their latest appearance of Power Metal Quest Fest come to mind and all the other times I experienced this track live. Due to the uplifting tones in the triumphant melody and the empowering lyrics belting “come with me my brothers, rise up tonight” and “take my hand, when the fire storm surrounds us, we make our final stand” will lift that morale boost.

BATTLE BORN have once again delivered us something grand. If the rest of the album sounds as great as this, more warriors will be joining the clan.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Find BATTLE BORN on Facebook.

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