A month has flown by meaning the latest edition of the Rock Out Stand Out playlist is now available. It’s full of great ones.

In the past month there have been album releases from CELESTIAL WIZARD, TWILIGHT FORCE, KATATONIA, DARK SARAH, MARCO GARAU’S MAGIC OPERA, REXORIA, XANDRIA and DELAIN so expect to see songs from those on the list. SABATON have also released a record with a selection of songs from their previous two albums plus a new track.

On the single front there has been a great array. Bands that have released singles include TRIVIUM, ELVENKING, ANCHORSMASHED, VULPECULA, ALL FOR METAL, FALLEN SANCTUARY, EMPYRE, NANOWAR OF STEEL, AD INFINITUM, PHANTOM ELITE, DEATHSTARS and THOSE DAMN CROWS. To celebrate the 75th birthday of Alice Cooper, POWERWOLF have released a cover of one of Cooper’s iconic classics.

Speaking of birthdays members of HELLOWEEN, EPICA, RASKASTA JOULUA and FOO FIGHTERS so classics from those bands are on the list.

Alfonso Mocerino and Alessia Scolletti left TEMPERANCE in the past month. To honour their time with the band and the rest of the remaining members, the playlist ends with one of their tracks. We wish Alfonso and Alessia the best of luck in their future endeavours.

That’s it for this list, see you on the next one.


Motorhead – Greedy Bastards
Dark Sarah feat. Mark Jensen – Attack Of Orym
Rexoria – Rage And Madness
Visions Of Atlantis – Pirates Will Return (Live)
Xandria – Your Stories I’ll Remember
Delain feat. Pablo Ribaldini – Queen Of Shadow
Elvenking – The Hanging Tree
Twilight Force – Dragonborn
Sabaton – The First Soldier
Frozen Crown – Black Heart
Epica – The Skeleton Key
Anchorsmashed – Bloody Well Hungover
Vulpecula – Crystallite Dream
All For Metal – Raise Your Hammer
Foo Fighters – Everlong
Empyre – Hit And Run
Ad Infinitum – Seth
Fallen Sanctuary – The Giant
Phantom Elite – Inner Beast
NanowaR Of Steel – Disco Metal
Celestial Wizard – Cyberhawk
Katatonia – Drab Moon
Powerwolf – Poison
Raskasta Joulua feat. Antti Railio – Enkelikello
Marco Garau’s Magic Opera – Assault On The Castle
Trivium – Implore The Darken Sky
Deathstars – This Is
Helloween – Eagle Fly Free
Those Damn Crows – Takedown
Temperance – I Am The Fire

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