ALBUM REVIEW: Ad Infinitum – Chapter III: Downfall

Since the release of their debut Chapter I: Monarchy in 2020, I have kept rising stars AD INFINITUM on my radar. It's been a fantastic experience watching the band go from strength to strength in their career so far and they are about to unleash the next chapter of their next saga. Chapter III: Downfall … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Ad Infinitum – Chapter III: Downfall

“We wanted to mix things up.”

Rising stars AD INFINITUM have been causing a storm since 2020 when they released Chapter I: Monarchy and continue to do so. They are due to release their latest record Chapter III: Downfall which consists of a mixed bag of songs in their signature style. Rock Out Stand Out's Lotty Whittingham spoke to drummer Niklas … Continue reading “We wanted to mix things up.”