ALBUM REVIEW: Rivers Of Nihil – The Work

The Work is the brand new album by Pennsylvanian Progressive Metallers RIVERS OF NIHIL. It is not strictly a metal album although metal is the dominant genre. Entwined are elements of jazz, easy listening and atmospheric tropes that serve to make something very interesting indeed. The album begins with The Tower (Theme From The Work) … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Rivers Of Nihil – The Work


Consequences is an exciting independent release from AEONS, a technical progressive metal band from the Isle of Man. Their debut album, A Tragic End, was a fantastic introduction to their unique take on progressive metal. With tracks like Vampire and Blue Shift being the perfect examples to showcase the two sides to their sound. One … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: AEONS – CONSEQUENCES

Album Review: TesseracT – P O R T A L S

In 2020, the world as we knew it was put to a halt as we collectively attempted to battle the catastrophic Coronavirus. Because of the ongoing restrictions, bands had to rethink how they would perform in front of their fans whilst remaining entertaining and staying within government guidelines. For many bands, this meant live streams. … Continue reading Album Review: TesseracT – P O R T A L S

ALBUM REVIEW: Evergrey – Escape Of The Phoenix

The Phoenix. A symbol of resurrection and rebirth. A mythical bird said to come back to life from the ashes of the flames of death. What would happen though should the Phoenix decide to not go through this cycle? Progressive metallers EVERGREY put a twist in the myth of this legendary creature with their 12th … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Evergrey – Escape Of The Phoenix

ALBUM REVIEW: Soen – Imperial

I’m going to do you a favour reader and skip to the conclusion of this review. Imperial by SOEN is an amazing release. It flows seamlessly from track to track and never quite relinquishes the hold it has over the listener or the groove they find themselves within. The mellower parts don’t just serve to … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Soen – Imperial

ALBUM REVIEW: Pyramaze – Epitaph

An Epitaph is a memory or statement, for something or someone, that has since passed. Pierce through the veil and witness the evocation that PYRAMAZE have forged. Standing strong against the annals of time, with no chance of fading from memory any time soon. With instrumental introduction Epitaph, it is more akin to that of … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Pyramaze – Epitaph

ALBUM REVIEW: The Reticent – The Oubliette

An oubliette is a medieval space for imprisonment with only a trapdoor in it’s ceiling. The word comes from the French word oublier, which means to forget. THE RETICENT’s new release, The Oubliette, is pitched as a man’s journey through Alzheimer’s disease and is not in songs but stages. The first stage sees the listener … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Reticent – The Oubliette

NEWS: SCARDUST – Release ‘Gone’ Music Video

Israeli progressive metallers SCARDUST have released a new music video for 'Gone'. The track is taken from their new album 'Strangers', which will be released on October 30th, 2020 via M-Theory Audio. “Today we dream together Hand in hand we gather Memories to pack when we go TOMORROW I’LL BE GONE” Says vocalist Noa Gruman, "You have your own dreams and … Continue reading NEWS: SCARDUST – Release ‘Gone’ Music Video

NEWS: SCARDUST – Unveils Music Video For ‘Stranger’ From New Concept Album

An intriguing concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in, “Strangers” – set to be released on Oct. 30 by M-Theory Audio – is the newest effort from acclaimed Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band SCARDUST. With one pair of songs already unveiled to the general public via the music videos for “Tantibus II” and “Addicted”, the … Continue reading NEWS: SCARDUST – Unveils Music Video For ‘Stranger’ From New Concept Album

NEWS: DEVIN TOWNSEND – Launches Live Video For ‘War’ From ‘Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1’

Photo Credit: Tanya Ghosh Devin Townsend will release ‘Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1’ on the 23rd October 2020, a document of his Winter 2019 European tour that saw him taking on possibly his most ambitious live show to date. Devin comments: “Hello folks, here's another song from the Order Of Magnitude Blu Ray. Amidst the chaos … Continue reading NEWS: DEVIN TOWNSEND – Launches Live Video For ‘War’ From ‘Order Of Magnitude – Empath Live Volume 1’