NEWS: R.I.P. – Announce New Album

"Street Reaper is just a disgusting, punk-rock-meets-Black Sabbath shredder that's going to leave a film of filth on any speaker that has the misfortune to output its gnarly sounds." -- Metal Injection "R.I.P. find a place for '80s and early '90s nostalgia that's not overblown would-be glam or retro-minded thrash, but would nonetheless fit well … Continue reading NEWS: R.I.P. – Announce New Album

I am back; I mean it this time!

Hello there everyone, hope you're all well. I apologise for the lack of updates; last month was quite eventful. Those of you who know me personally and have me on Facebook will know the news. Those of you who don't or haven't got me on Facebook; my grandma sadly passed away 1st August 2016, she … Continue reading I am back; I mean it this time!