ALBUM REVIEW: Leiþa – Sisyphus

It’s often with some degree of dramatic irony that I’m given albums to review. This time it's a progressive black metal and jazz affair by German act LEIþA (Translation from Old German: Suffering). This album was described to me as being akin to a few other albums I have reviewed and naturally I was interested. … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Leiþa – Sisyphus

ALBUM REVIEW: The Medea Project – Sisyphus

Originally from South Africa and now Nottingham based doom metallers THE MEDEA PROJECT have released their first album Sisyphus. Named after the Greek mythological figure who was doomed to perform an endless task but this release curiously does not feel like an uphill struggle to listen to. The band is comprised of who are comprised … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: The Medea Project – Sisyphus