Tribute to those affected by terrorist attacks


As well as my The World According To Lotty videos I will also be writing up blog posts too regarding my views on current issues in the world (particularly music and mental health). Especially this week where I’ve picked up a water infection making it uncomfortable to film or do anything really.

I wanted to get my views about what happened this weekend; the attacks in Paris. First reaction to this piece of news was naturally shock, upset and worry; as well as this attack affecting the innocent in more awful ways than one especially lives of the innocent being lost and I was extremely worried about fact that one of my friends from the magazine I write for was out in Paris when the attacks were happening, luckily she is OK and now home safe.

Words couldn’t describe how shocking and upsetting this attack is; due to the fact that it’s still unbelievable that this sort of hatred still goes on in this day and age where differences in identity i.e. race, gender, sexuality are more accepted within society. This sort of violence is completely pointless and upsetting since it’s the innocent that are affected the most, those who just go through day to day life with no intention of causing upset to anyone. All I can say is my thoughts and prayers go out to those who are being hold hostage hoping they get home safe, out to families and friends who have lost their loved ones during the attacks.

For me personally events like this only reinforce my reasoning to spread love, peace and respect, helping unite people against hatred. I personally couldn’t care less what colour your skin is, what sexuality you are, gender, religion etc. if you’ve have a heart of gold that’s all I care about.

Which is why my song of the week comes from Israeli Metal band ORPHANED LAND; their mission is to unite people and spread peace with their beautiful music. The song in mind is “All Is One”, the title alone is self explanatory and with lyrics such as “Again and again we fail to see all is one” and “Who cares if you’re a Muslim or a Jew” this song could not be more relevant at this time, reinforcing peace and love between us.

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