In Twilights Embrace - The Grim Muse - Cover_phixrPoland seems to be gradually becoming the one of the newest breeding grounds for reproducing some of the best new sounds in Metal; following on from iconic peers BEHEMOTH, VADER and DECAPITATED,  newest spawn IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE and their latest album “The Grim Muse” may follow in their giant footprints of this grand pathway. They have channelling negativity and darkness through their music since 2005 and they aren’t about to stop now.

IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE hail from Ponzań, Poland and like it states in the previous paragraph; they have been blackening our airwaves with their malevolence sounds for the past decade. Influenced by the likes of PARADISE LOST, PRIMORDIAL and BATHORY this band have got some solid inspirations under their belts; seeing those alone gives the listener great expectations of the band.

The album “The Grim Muse” only confirms these expectations in fact might even exceed them; this vengeful record gets off to a brutal start, the way Metal knows how with the opening tracks “Postmodern Postmortem” and “Dystopian” where you get taken away to an alternate reality where you are an extremely powerful being knocking through anyone and anything that gets in your way to success. This reign of viciousness  and chaos plagues the earholes of their victims who ever are subjected to this iniquity specimen. In terms where IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE is concerned this is huge praise for this band.

As the listener immerses into deeper into the album the more they don’t ever want to stop listening; this album has a hypnotic effect on the listener, you imagine yourself dancing (or moshing in the metal heads dictionary) to tracks such as “A Wolf I Remain”, “No” and “Gravitate Towards The Unknown”. It is also hard to pin point one sub genre to this particular record as one moment you are hearing Melodic Death Metal and the next the rapid, exhilarating beats of Black Metal. It’s hard to get a fusion of two sub genres spot on but IN TWLIGHT’S EMBRACE pull it off to a tee.

Overall a great album for those wanting to experience the wrath of this band that may conquer the metal scene.

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