EP Review: New Device – Devils On The Run


With a support slot with Hard Rock legends BON JOVI, appearances at many festivals, countless tours, two albums and a loyal fanbase; it is fairly

safe to say that Hard Rock quartet NEW DEVICE are doing extremely well in their scene. Today they unleash their latest EP “Devils On The Run” that includes brand new material from the boys.

For those of you who are new to NEW DEVICE here is a bit of information.  They formed in the year 2008 in the South East of England, their refreshing sound consists of influences from classic stadium giants such as AEROSMITH, GUNS ‘N ROSES and METALLICA whilst taking a hint of the newer breeds such as ALTER BRIDGE and STONE SOUR. They were handpicked by BON JOVI guitarist Richie Sambora to support them on their 2010 tour taking place at The 02 Arena, one of the UK’s most central and largest venues. Over the years there has been a few line up changes and two albums released, they have remained strong throughout their career which is incredibly admirable.

Onto the EP itself; it is an excellent showcasing of their brand new material, this EP also shows a development in their already solid sound yet you can still hear the clear vibes of NEW DEVICE. Opening up with what is sure to be a stadium filler “Hollywood Radio” reassures long-time fans of the band that NEW DEVICE are back and they mean business.

Other highlights include “Revolution” and “Back To You”; “Revolution” is a brilliantly motivational track with very memorable chorus. A Hard Rock lover’s dream track in a way. “Back To You” is the sort of ballad on the track which NEW DEVICE are very good at; if previous tracks such as “In The Fading Light” and “End Of Hope” don’t prove this who knows what will. Unlike previous ballads “Back To You” has a very happy go lucky vibe which personally hasn’t been heard before, they pull it off incredibly well.

Overall? A truly brilliant EP that showcases some excellent new material that will only gain excitement for their future endeavours. Long time fans of the band will not be disappointed and for those looking for something new, give this EP a whirl.


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