ALBUM REVIEW: Fellowship – The Saberlight Chronicles

I had no idea what quillbadgers and Death Wizards were until I experienced the words and sounds of The Saberlight Chronicles. This is the debut tale from new adventurers FELLOWSHIP; based on a novel written by lead vocalist Matthew Corry, it is a story that you will want to immerse yourself to. Let me spin you a tale as to why you will want to join FELLOWSHIP on this quest and every single one thereafter.

The first chapter is Until The Fire Dies. The whimsical melody brings fellow warriors TWILIGHT FORCE to mind. It’s an empowering opener that contains the lyric “Live your life with a battle cry” which must be my new favourite lyric to date. The whimsical and uplifting tones this song displays are perfect for emulating the prologue as the adventurers begin to tell the story of Atlas by the roaring tavern fire.

Atlas is a character these adventurers speak of and he is about to embark on a great journey. The image of Atlas looking toward The Giant’s Arm Bay comes to mind at the start of the track. The flawless harmonies this track displays do well to add to the curiosity and wonder Atlas must be experiencing.

MEMORIES OF OLD song Someday Soon and BROTHERS OF METAL’s One come to mind when Glory Days commences. The grandiosity this track displays matches the comradery the Warriors Of Lar must be feeling.

Oak And Ash was released as a single recently. In this chapter, Atlas is experiencing self-doubt due to a tough decision he must make. The music and lyrics do incredibly well to echo Atlas’ inner voice.

Hearts Upon The Hill is one of my personal favourite chapters of the tale. It’s gallant, it’s majestic and an excellent choice for a chapter about travelling across vast lands. I should advise that once you have listened to this chapter, seeing the title alone will be enough to have the song in your head for days on end.

Scars & Shrapnel manages to achieve being action packed yet whimsical in the same space; this is an impressive feat to achieve. This is a great choice to emulate Gantry telling his tales of the many battles he has faced.

The Hours Of Wintertime is the unexpected twist. This one is another personal favourite track on the album. Lyrics such as “I’ve begun to see the end, I’ll chase the battle of world’s end” and the piano work during the chorus adds a brilliant flavour to this already top-notch track.

Glint was the first song I heard by these adventurers before experiencing this tale, it ties in with the goings on in the previous chapter. It’s a great number to introduce you to the band. The lyric “I’ve always been worthy” is brilliant for those that need a boost.

The Saint Beyond The River is the Power Metal Fan’s dream track. They will love everything from the slick guitar solos to the MAJESTICA-esque choirs. Reading the novel chapter of the same name whilst listening to the song is a truly empowering experience; this was the chapter I was able to fully immerse into on both the album and in the novel.

Sihoullette is a beautiful ballad; by this point, Atlas has experienced a lot in a short space of time. I won’t explain too much detail about the story, don’t want to reveal spoilers. What I will say is that the ballad does a remarkable job to communicate the heavy emotions Atlas must be experiencing. There is also the glow of hope that is seen in the novel and heard in the song.

Hans Zimmer comes to mind when Still Enough starts, the piece This Land from The Lion King comes to mind. This works for this chapter of the novel as Atlas experiences a new hope and reinvigoration to complete his quest.

It ends on the grand and cliff hanging note with Avalon. It’s the final battle and the novel chapter is a strong reminder on why you shouldn’t attach yourselves to characters in these tales.

If you wish to immerse into another universe that will leave you feeling empowered, The Saberlight Chronicles is the album for you. It’s a remarkable tale that proves FELLOWSHIP are Power Metal icons in the making. It is vital to read the novel whilst listening to the album if you wish to gain the full experience.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Saberlight Chronicles will be unleashed tomorrow via Scarlet Records.

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