Album Review: Devilskin – We Rise


It seems last year Hard Rock quartet DEVILSKIN gained some exposure into the UK. They have kicked off a debut UK headline tour which will get the recognition and respect they deserve. Initially releasing this album in Australia and New Zealand a couple of years ago, it was released in the UK only a few of months ago. This will be a new favourite band and album for anyone in the Rock and Metal community.

DEVILSKIN hail from Hamilton, New Zealand; they formed in the year 2010 and they show guts class and confidence. Between these talented four they have shared the stage with metal titans BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, COHEED AND CAMBRIA, even MOTORHEAD and IRON MAIDEN. So it’s evident these musicians are certainly not ones to miss.  Not to mention a popular following within their native country.

The first thing that is noticeable about the record is the spectacular vocal work from lead vocalist Jennie Skulander. Her vocal style is unlike anything that has been heard before. Setting her apart from the others; this uniquely compelling style gives the songs on the album a remarkable lift alongside the impeccable talent. In short we have the raw sounding riffs from guitarist Nail, drummer boy Nic Martin giving us some thunderous beats and pounding bass lines from Paul Martin.

The next thing that is undoubtedly remarkable are the hard hitting, no nonsense melodies that this powerful quartet have created. If the first guitar riffs of opening track “Elvis Presley Circle Pit” isn’t enough to entice the listener into this Hard Rock haven then who knows what will. This is only one example of their impeccable music.

Whether it’s a mischievous little tune like “Little Pills” that will make a cheeky smile appear across your face or a striking ballad such as “Fade” this Hard Rock quartet easily show their impeccable talent of amazing vocal work, excellent guitar techniques and thunderous drums.

It is an album that a listener will never get tired of putting on the iPod, car radio or wherever the punter happens to be. Each track has its own unique charm and it is filled with everything one can expect from a Hard Rock record.

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