Album Review: Votum – :Ktonik:

votum-ktonik_phixrThe beautiful thing about the music genre Metal is that it can come in all sorts of forms and it can be influenced by some many amazing things. From the sheer malevolence of Black Metal to the fun frivolities of Folk Metal there is something for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes there are surprises, something you don’t expect from time to time. Like the new album “:Ktonik:” by Polish Metal outfit VOTUM that will no doubt stun everyone in their wake.

For those new to VOTUM here is some information, they have been on the scene since 2003. They currently have three albums under their belt such as “Time Must Stop”, “Metafiction” and “Harvest Moon”. VOTUM have also had the pleasure of sharing a stage with some of Metal’s magnificent legends such as KORN, OPETH and KATATONIA. Not to mention appearances at some of Poland’s largest festival.

This is no ordinary record, it’s definitely one that has the listener intrigued and curious from the moment the play button is pressed. There is a mixture of sombre, chilled tones that make you feel free then there’s sheer brutality to wake those of you up. This is a beautiful record that will no doubt appeal to anyone on the Metal scene, whether they like Black, Progressive or Power “:Ktonik:” will have you blown away.

This is a multipurpose record for matching any kind of feeling you might be expressing within you; having listened to this record on two separate occasions with two very different feelings. The first being complete curiosity and you are blown away from the sheer uneasiness. Another is feeling so low where the music actually matches the mood.

The sound reminds one of MUSE only with more viciousness and intensity.  Tracks such as “Prometheus”, “Greed” and “Vertical” are only few examples.

Overall, a pretty epic sounding record.

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