Live Report: Devilskin, Skarlett Riot and Voodoo Vegas @ The Talking Heads, Southampton 28.02.2016


The new and updated version of The Talking Heads, Southampton has only been open a couple of weeks and the benefits are already evident; it’s in a more central location, there’s a more comfortable vibe and the sound system is simply fantastic. It played host to some of the most top notch upcoming Hard Rock acts. Headlining this fantastic evening were New Zealand quartet DEVILSKIN, their support came in the form of Scunthorpe Rockers SKARLETT RIOT and Bournemouth quintet VOODOO VEGAS.

First to open up the night were VOODOO VEGAS; the first thing that hits you is their hard hitting riffs and excellent beats that give the excellent rhythm, this statement was reinforced by the headbanging and foot tapping. It was clear throughout their set who was in control, vocalist Lawrence Case had the crowds eating out the palms of his hands. For a first band that is an impressive feat to achieve so it was evident they were the perfect choice to open the night of Hard Rock festivities.

Since their formation in 2010 it’s safe to say SKARLETT RIOT have made a huge impact. Having wowed audiences with their confidence and strong sound containing powerful riffs, blending melodies, infectious hooks and bags of attitude. Their performance in Southampton was no exception, like VOODOO VEGAS they had the crowds under their command from getting them to sing along to their tunes and to head bang. With their infectious energy and passion it’s evident they walked away with new fans.

Their first UK tour and first time in Southampton; they had flown all the way from New Zealand to give Southampton’s crowd a show they won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It was clear the Brits had been waiting for this Kiwi band to hit their stages, as the moment the opening beats of “Elvis Presley Circle Pit” were heard the crowd were under their control. Headbanging, dancing and fist pumping were what could be seen across the venue.  They only have one album in their discography but this didn’t mean they couldn’t deliver a killer setlist; it had something for everyone. From the empowering “Start A Revolution” and sweeping new single “Mountains” to the cheeky “Dirt” and beautiful ballad “Fade”, the crowd were clearly more than satisfied.

On record vocalist Jennie Skulander showcases stunning vocal talent, whether she is hitting those notes perfectly or aggressive death growls. There was certainly a lot more power and vivacity within her live performance.

The set ended on a more than positive note with “Little Pills”. From that set it’s clear they will be more than welcome in Southampton.

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