My Top Albums of 2016

  10. Eternal Halloween - Eternal Halloween Kicking off my top ten for 2016 is the self titled abomination from terrifying troupe ETERNAL HALLOWEEN. There are a few things I admire about this troupe; their outrageous (well not to us metal heads) appearance, their brilliantly heavy sound and their ability to entice the listener in … Continue reading My Top Albums of 2016

Half Way Post

It only feels like yesterday since 2016 started and already a lot has happened. Including music releases which is what I am aiming to slowly get back into talking about. So here are the albums that have been released this year that have made my year so far. Fleshgod Apocalypse - King If you wish … Continue reading Half Way Post

Album Review: Van Canto – Voices Of Fire

It truly is remarkable what one drummer, five vocalists and an author can accomplish. The outcome? A grand impact of exhilaration that has the listener so immersed into a parallel universe, that they don’t want to think about anything else. The record in question, that will no doubt cause all attention levels on everything else … Continue reading Album Review: Van Canto – Voices Of Fire