Two weeks are up which means it's time for a new playlist. STOP, STOP!, SCAR OF THE SUN, GRIMGOTTS and GOJIRA released albums within these two weeks so songs from those are on the playlist. The new singles from HELLRYDER, TY MORN, BURNING WITCHES, VAN CANTO, BLOODBOUND, MORTEMIA, NEONFLY, SABATON, TANZWUT, THUNDERMOTHER and LORD OF … Continue reading ROCK OUT STAND OUT PLAYLIST – 15.05.2021


Two weeks have flown by, it's time for a new edition of the playlist. There have been album releases from ARION, DARTAGNAN and THE TREATMENT. THE OUTLAW ORCHESTRA have also released an acoustic EP called Powercut. Songs from each of these albums can be found on the list. HELLOWEEN, FROZEN CROWN, PRIMAL FEAR, BUTCHER BABIES, … Continue reading ROCK OUT STAND OUT PLAYLIST – 17.04.2021

My Top Albums of 2016

  10. Eternal Halloween - Eternal Halloween Kicking off my top ten for 2016 is the self titled abomination from terrifying troupe ETERNAL HALLOWEEN. There are a few things I admire about this troupe; their outrageous (well not to us metal heads) appearance, their brilliantly heavy sound and their ability to entice the listener in … Continue reading My Top Albums of 2016

Half Way Post

It only feels like yesterday since 2016 started and already a lot has happened. Including music releases which is what I am aiming to slowly get back into talking about. So here are the albums that have been released this year that have made my year so far. Fleshgod Apocalypse - King If you wish … Continue reading Half Way Post

Album Review: Van Canto – Voices Of Fire

It truly is remarkable what one drummer, five vocalists and an author can accomplish. The outcome? A grand impact of exhilaration that has the listener so immersed into a parallel universe, that they don’t want to think about anything else. The record in question, that will no doubt cause all attention levels on everything else … Continue reading Album Review: Van Canto – Voices Of Fire